25. The sin
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  1. The sin

    We know that Adam and Eve dissobeyed God and commited the original sin. Since then, men have commited evil acts: they stole, go to war, commit crimes and give great suffering to the world. Men commit personal sins.

   Why so many bad things happens? Because many times we act in the wrong way and commit sin. Sin is the reason of these misfortunes.

   God created us free, and we can obbey his commandments or not. When we don't do it we commit sin. For example: don't assist Mass on Sundays, without a reason, is a sin. To tell lies, stole things, fight and insult with our brothers, dissobey our parents or teachers are all sins.

   We offend God with our sins. We know it by the Ten Commandments and by the Law of the Church. Our parents, priests and teachers remembered it frequently. But we also know sin is a bad thing because God say it deep in our hearth. This is called voice of conscience.

   The worst sins, which offended God a lot, are called mortal sins. Those which aren't so important are called venial sins. Sins can be of though, desire, word, work or omission (by not doing what we must do)

  A. Answer with a word

 Adam and Eve commited a sin of  
 Our first parents commited the sin called
 Men comitted sin
 God created us  
 Sin is the cause of many  
 We know an action is bad because it is said by our  
 The sins which offended little God are called  
 Those which offended him a lot are  

  2. Jesus forgive us our sins

    ""Then some people came, bringing to him a paralysed man, carried by four of them. And when they could not bring him to Jesus because of the crowd, they removed the roof above him; and after having dug through it, they let down the mat on which the paralytic lay. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic,”Son, your sins are forgiven." (Mark 2, 3-5). And Jesus heal him. Jesus made two things for him: He heal his body from ills and his soul from sins.

   Jesus came to this world to save us, to forgive our sins and open Heaven's gates.

   This power to forgive sins was given to the Apostles. Nowadays, the Pope, bishops and priests forige us our sins every time we go to Confession in a good mood. Jesus Christ forgive us by means of the priests.

   Nor the Virgin neither Jesus commited a sin in their lives. The rest of us are sinners. If we fail and commited mortal sin, the best thing we can do is to pray the Act of contrition and search for a priest who can confess us.

  B. Choose a word

 In the text Jesus heal a man who was

 From the four men who brought the ill man, Jesus praised their
 Jesus said: “Son, your sins are
 How many things did Jesus for the paralytic man?
 The power to forgive sins was given to the
 The one who forgive by means of a priest is

  3. Questions from the Catechism

1. What is sin?  Sin is all voluntary disobedience against the Law of God.

2. How can be sin?  Sin can be mortal and venial.

3. What is the sacrament of penance?  The sacrament of penance is the one used by Jesus to forgive the sins commited after Baptism.

4. When is received the sacrament of penance?  We received the sacrament of penance when we correctly confess our sins and receive absolution.

  C. Choose the right answer. You find the options below: A, B, C y D


 1. What is sin?  
 2. How can be sin?  
 3. What is the sacrament of penance?  
 4. When is received the sacrament of penance?  



 All voluntary disobedience against the Law of God.


 The one used by Jesus to forgive the sins commited after Baptism.


 When we correctly confess our sins and receive absolution.


 Venial and mortal.

  Intentions for a Christian life

- To fight against sin and temptations which provoke us to do bad things.

- To pray every night “I confess” or “My Lord Jesus Christ”, asking for absolution in our sins. You can found them in Oraciones.

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