Christmas Carol
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    Christmas Carol

    Go unto the palm trees,
    holy angels,
    that my Son is falling asleep,
    hold the palms.

    Palm trees of Belen
    that move with the air
    the furious winds
    that sound so much,
    do not make noise,
    run slower:
    that my Son is falling asleep,
    hold the palms!

    The Divine Child
    that is tired
    of crying on earth,
    for his rest,
    wants to stop a bit
    from the tender cry;
    my Son is falling asleep,
    hold the palms!

    Rigorous ice
    are surrounding him,
    you see that I do not have
    something to wrap him up with;
    divine angels,    that fly,
    my Son is falling asleep
    hold the palms!

    Lope de Vega.

Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.

Comprehension Test

1. What is asked from the palm trees of Belen?

a) To make shadow for the Child.

b)  To be barriers against the wind.

c)  To not move their palms and not make noise.

2. Why is the Child tired?

a)  Too much crying.

b)  Too many visits.

c)  Because of hunger and the cold.

3. What is he wishing for?

a)  To rest from crying.

b)   To be left alone.

c)  To be fed and wrapped up.

4. How is the weather at the moment?

a)  It is raining intensely.

b)  It is very cold.

c)  It is extremely hot.

5. Who is being asked to hold the palms?

a)  The pastors.

b)  The Three Kings.

c)  The angels.


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