4. Atheism
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Write on the right side what is missing.

  1. God is not visible

   Those who reject to believe in God usually give two reasons: 1º God is not visible. 2º God is not understandable. They say: I only believe in something I can see. But I have not seen God. So God does not exist.

   There are many things that exit or have existed and we do not see them. Have you seen Australia or New Delhi? I have not seen them but I am sure they exist because teachers and books of Geography say so.

    A young atheist asked Chevreul, one of the most famous men in France and around the world: Do you believe in God? Have you seen him? And he replied: Of course, my boy, I have seen God, not in himself, because he is pure spirit, but in their works. Yes; I have seen his omnipotence in the greatness of the stars, in their fast movement and in the remarkable order governing the Universe.

    2. Commentary

    MARY: I have not been in New York, but a friend of mine has been there and told me the things she bought. I have not seen that city, but I believe it exists.

    JOHN: Electricity also exists and nobody has seen it really, but we know that it exists because of the consequences it produces: powers the light bulbs, operates the TV, the laptop and other electrical devices at home. We do not see electricity, but believe it exists.

    MARY: When we see mountains, plants, animals and men, we should think that someone has made all of that, and that someone, wise and omnipotent, is God.

    JOHN: You cannot see God with the eyes of the body, and cannot touch him either, because he has no body and is spirit, but we are sure that he exists because of his works.

  A) COMPRENSION TEST. Choose one of these letters: a, b, c. (If the letter turns out in red colour, the answer is correct)

  1. We believe:

    a. only what we have seen
    b. things we have not seen and believe
    c. what we have touched


  2. Which sentence is false?

    a. All of us have seen Australia
    b. I believe in Australia because teachers and parents say so
    c. Australia exists because books say so


 3. Who is the wise man we are talking about?

    a. Einstein
    b. Aristotle
    c. Chevreul


 4. Chevreul believed because of:

    a. the greatness of the stars
    b. he had seen all the stars
    c. he had touched them


 5. We cannot see God because He:

    a. is hidden
    b. is spirit
    c. is indeed great


 6. New York and Paris:

    a. do not exist because I have not seen them
    b. do not exist because I have not been there
    c. I believe they exist


  3. God is not understandable

   Atheists say: I cannot believe what I do not understand; and as I do not understand God, He does not exist. But there are many things around us we cannot understand exactly, such as light, steam and electricity. What a soul is? What is life? All of that we do not understand completely but they are realities that exit.

     We cannot understand God, because he is very great, infinite and our intelligence is small and limited. But we have sufficient knowledge of God, such as his being, his attributes and above all his existence.e.

    4. Commentary

    JOHN: Wise men and scientists try to understand things, diseases, stars, etc. and create theories, but then others study more, and change or reject the previous theories.

     MARY: There are many things that we do not understand, but exist and are useful to us, such as electricity.

     JOHN: If we understood totally God we would have an infinite intelligence and we would be as gods. We do not understand his nature, but he becomes visible in his works.

    MARY: I think that faith is to believe in what it is not visible. We cannot see God with our eyes, or touch him with our hands, but we can ask him to give us faith and to increase it.

  B) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose the right answer: a, b, c.

  1. Even if we do not understand electricity:

    a. it exists
    b. it does not exist because it is not visible
    c. it does not exist because I do not understand it


  2. About realities around us:

    a. we understand all of them
    b. we do not understand them completely
    c. we can see and touch them


 3. About God:

    a. we understand totally
    b. we do not understand anything
    c. we know enough


 4. Our intelligence is:

    a. limited
    b. infinite
    c. able to understand God


 5. We can understand God:

    a. completely
    b. not at all
    c. enough


 6. The theories of scientists:

    a. do not change
    b. can change
    c. change every year


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