10. The immortality of the soul

  1. Human soul is immortal

   The soul cannot die and will always exist. And that we know due to two reasons: because soul is incorruptilble and because it does not depend on the life of the body.

   Incorruptible means that it cannot be decayed or corrupted. Death is the rotting or separation of human parts such as the body and the soul. The body corrupts because its physical and chemical elements are separated.

    The soul is incorruptible because is simple and indivisible. It has no parts, then it cannot be rotted, or dissolved, or die.

    Besides, the life of the soul does not depend on the life of the body, because it is spiritual.

    2. Commentary

    JOHN: I reckon that men have the desire to life forever, with a perfect happiness and eternally too.

    MARY: But we cannot have that perfect happiness in this life, thus we will be able to achieve it after we die and so the soul does not die.

    JOHN: The body is made up of many parts such as blood, muscles and bones, and that is why it can be decomposed and die.

    MARY: But the soul have not got parts and so it cannot be divided or die.

  A) COMPRENSION TEST. Choose one of these letters: a, b, c. (If the letter turns out in red colour, the answer is correct)

  1. Human soul cannot die, i.e, it is:

    a. incorruptible
    b. divisible
    c. composed

  2. The separation of body and soul produces:

    a. life
    b. death
    c. health

 3. The body can be decomposed because it has:

    a. spirit
    b. unity
    c. parts

 4. The ___________ is simple and indivisible:

    a. body
    b. soul
    c. man

 5. All men have the will to:

    a. eternal happiness
    b. go to the moon
    c. be artists

 6. The soul does not depend on the life of:

    a. the desire
    b. the intelligence
    c. I the body

  3. The existence of heaven and hell

   Atheists say:We see men to commit many crimes and sins, such as stealing, killing, disobeying laws, etc. and we know that God will reward each one according to their works. But it will not take place in this life, but in eternal life. This is another proof that soul will not die and is immortal.

    The wisdom of God requires the soul to be immortal in order to establish rewards to men who have done well and punishments to those who have done wrong.

   The immortality of the soul proves the eternity of heaven and the eternity of hell. If the good soul lives forever it will also be happy in heaven forever.

    4. Commentary

    MARY: I do think that there is no true justice in the world, because bad men are not always punished, or good men rewarded, even though there are exceptions.

    JOHN: That proves that definitive justice will have to be fulfilled in the Hereafter.

    MARY: And good men will enjoy forever in heaven.

    JOHN: And evil men will remain throughout eternity in hell.

  B) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose the right answer: a, b, c.

  1. God will give each man according to their:

    a. desires
    b. works
    c. requests

  2. Some men commit crimes and:

    a. sins
    b. favours
    c. rewards

 3. The definitive justice will take place in _________ life:

    a. present
    b. past
    c. eternal

 4. In order to receive the reward in the hereafter, the soul must be:

    a. immortal
    b. mortal
    c. temporal

 5. The good man will be happy in heaven:

    a. for a while
    b. forever
    c. some days

 6. In the other world it will be fulfill the true:

    a. injustice
    b. misfortune
    c. justice

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