The visit of the spring


   Once upon a time, there was a city where flowers were unknow. They put artichokes, leeks and parsley in the vases, and nobody knew how to distingish between a rose and a cabbage.

    All these things happened because the Spring had never visited the city.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Spring was boring in her castle without a job or an ocupation.

    The poor Mr. Spring must constantly invent new games to entertain his wife, and couldn’t do anything during all the day.

    Mrs. Spring sighed and said:

    – Husband, what can I do now? I’m boring!

    Mr. Spring showed her his globe of the world and said:

    – You are so forgetful that I’m sure you forget to go to some city.

    They were revising the globe a long time.

    Suddenly, Mr. Spring said:

    – Here there are! A city when you are not known!

    Mrs. Spring dressed with a cape made of rose petals and, flying, he arrived to the city.

    Everybody went out of their houses to see her arrival and her beautiful cape.

    Mrs. Spring announced her goods:

    -There are flowers to everybody! Spring is here!

    Mrs. Spring touched the trees, which inmediately blossomed. In her path rose bushes, geraniums and almond trees blossomed everywhere.

    Mrs. Spring scattered flowers over fields, gardens and squares.

    And everybody sang and danced holding their hands.

    F. Alonso

Instructions: Press one of the letters (a, b and c). The right answer will be in red.


1) What did they put in the vases?    

a) Flowers

b) Artichokes

c) Nothing

2) Mr. Spring entertained his wife...

a) Singing

b) Inventing new games

c) Traveling

3) What did Mrs. Spring scatter?  

a) Flowers

b) Hopes

c) Water

4) What happened at the end? 

a) Everybody was sad

b) All the people picked a flower

c) Everybody sang and danced holding their hands


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