Loyalty to a brother
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


   One of two brothers who fought in the same company in France was gunned down by a German bullet. The brother who escaped asked his officer for permission to recover his brother.

    'Maybe he is dead' -said the officer, and it's worthless that you risk your life to bring the corpse.

     But in view of his pleas, the officer agreed. When the soldier returned with his brother on his shoulders, the wounded died.

    - Do you see?-said the officer. You risked your life for nothing.

    'No'-replied Tom. I did what he expected of me, and I got my reward. When I got close to him and carried him, he said me, "Tom, I knew you were coming, I sensed you were coming."

    And that is what is important: someone waits for a beautiful, noble and selfless act from us, someone waits for our loyalty.

    Walter MacPeek


1) Why the brother was gunned down?

a) For a French lance

b) For a German bullet

c) For an Irish arrow

2) What did officer think about that brother?

a) He may be injured

b) He may not be so good

c) He may be dead

3) In the end, what happened with the wounded on the shoulders?

a) He dies

b) He survives

c) He is serious

4) Someone waits for our...

a) Honesty

b) Kindness

c) Loyalty

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