Confession of a half fool boy
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Instructions: In the comprehension test circle one of the following letters: a, b, c.


       Once a boy was confessing and when the confessor asked if he had anything to say about the Seventh Commandment, the boy replied:

    - Well, I accuse myself that I am half fool.

    'Well, but that is no sin, that is a misfortune. I wonder if you have taken something that is not yours.

    - as I am half fool, when it is farming time, I take advantage when the neighbor do not see me and I take his wheat and then I put it in the threshing floor of my father.

    - But why don't you take the wheat from your father's threshing floor and then bring it to your neighbor?

    And the boy answered:

    - Because if I do that, I would be a completely fool.

    J. A. Sánchez Pérez.


1) What does the boy accuse himself?

a) Of committing many sins

b) Of being a half fool boy

c) Of telling many lies

2) What does the boy take from the neighbor? 

a) Wheat

b) Maize

c) Barley 

3) Where does he put what he takes? 

a) In her mother's threshing floor

b) Nowhere

c) In his father's threshing floor

4) Why does he be half fool boy and not a completely fool boy?

a) Because he does not take his father's wheat

b) Because he is half clever

c) Because he does everything by half

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