1. Races

   Men are distinguished from each other by different physical and spiritual characteristics.

   We distinguish race, language and religion.

   Races are usually classified by the color of the skin. There are three principal races: White, yellow and black.

   - The white race is the largest with 49 % of the earth's population. it is recognized by the white skin and thick hair. it comes from Europe , West Asia , America, Australia and North Africa .

   - The yellow race represents 41 % of the population. They are characterized by yellow skin, slanted eyes and straight hair. It is in East and Central Asia and Polynesia (Oceania).

   - The black race represents 9.5 % of the population. They have black skin, flat nose and frizzy hair. Its main center is Africa, “the black continent." There are also black groups in various parts of America, Melanesia and India.

   There are also other minority races as the brown race representing 0.20% of the population and it lives in the mountains of North and South America.

   The olive-skinned race represents 0.30% and it is in several islands of Oceania.

   2. Choose one of these races and answer: white, black or yellow:

It represents 9.5 % of the population

It has slanted eyes

It is the largest race

The nose is flattened

It represents 49 % of the population

It has straight hair

It lives mainly in Africa

It is in Europe

It is in East and Central Asia

    3. Languages

   The language is the oral expression in which people show their thoughts and feelings.

   The most used languages are:

   - Chinese is spoken by 700 million people.

   - Japanese is spoken by 100 million people.

   - English is spoken by 200 million and it is great expanding.

   - The Spanish is spoken by 150 million people in Spain and South and Central America.

   - The Russian is spoken by 200 million people in Europe and Asia.

   Other important languages are French (170 million) and Germany (90 million)

   4. Choose one of these words and answer : Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish or Russian

It is spoken in Japan

It is expanding

It is spoken in South America

It is spoken by 700 million of people

It is spoken by 100 million of people

It is spoken in Central America

It is spoken in Russia

    5. Religion

    Religion is the belief in the beyond and in a superior being who created and ordered the universe. Religions give different names to this creative principle, the Catholics believe in God.

   Religions can be classified into three groups:

   - Animism is the belief that all things have a spirit that become incarnate in objects. These religions are characteristic of primitive peoples of Africa, America and Oceania.

   - Polytheistic are those who believe in many gods. This group includes Buddhism (in China and Japan), Brahmanism (in India) and Confucianism (in China).

   - Monotheistic are those who believe in one God. This group includes Catholicism, practiced by 15% of the world population. The Protestants, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Judaism and the Mohammedanism are also monotheistic.

   6. Choose one of these words and answer: animism, polytheistic or monotheistic:

The Brahmanism in India

The Protestantism

Those who believe in spirits

The Buddhism

The Judaism

They believe in many gods

The Mohammedanism

They become incarnate as objects

The Catholicism

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