6. God created the world for love
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    "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1.1). It is the start of the bible, and the first chapter of Genesis describes graphically how God created the world. Without using any material or instruments, God was creating all things: heaven and earth, animals and plants..., and finally the man. God created the world from nothing.

    The whole creation is the fruit of the love and of the omnipotence of God: the small things: plants and insects, and the big things: the sun, the moon, the planetary systems, the seas, etc. The most perfect being of creation is the man. God is still creating and controling all with his laws.

    How beautiful is the creation! when we contemplate it, it's easy to glorify and praise God. Moreover, He wants that men cooperate with his work. Such is the dignity of work, as Scripture says, man has been created to work and dominate the creation in an intelligent way.

    In this lesson, we will see in detail what it means that God created the world as we profess in the Creed: "I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth."

  A. Choose one of the following options and answer

 In the beginning, God created the heaven and the  
 God created the world from
 When we see the nature, it is easy to praise  
 God still cares and governs everything whi his  
 God created man to  

1. God is eternal

    Only God is eternal, that is, without beginning or end. In God, there is no past or future, but an unchanging present. There was a time when there was only God, but he wanted to communicate his perfections to other beings; he wanted to create the world and especially the man, who is made in his image and likeness. God thought of all men-in every one of us. Long before he created us. We did not exist and he already loved us. Thus, he prepared a great place: the created world with all its wonders (sea, mountains, animals, plants, the sky, etc.).

2. God created the world from nothing

    Men need time and effort to build a building or to produce an object, but God made all things with his will and created everything from nothing.

3. Creating is not the same as making

    We say that God created the world and not that God made the world. This is to indicate that when it began there was nothing and God create all. To create means to "make something exist". Man can not create; he can modify, for example, the bed of a river, or a fabric using cotton or synthetic fibers.

4. God created for glory and for love

    When we look at a work of art (a cathedral), we marvel and praise the author. That artwork is a glory for those who built it.

    When we see the greatness of the world: the stars, the sea, the plants; when we look at the perfection of the smallest things: a bird, an insect, we marvel and praise God who is the author. The world is a manifestation of divine perfection, a reflection of what God is, and the world sings the glory of God. The man must join it, not only as the most perfect creature of the creation, but also because God has put all things at his service. Thinking in the man, God created all things and gave them.

  B. There are 7 true sentences and 3 false sentences. Select the true ones


 Only God is eternal, he has not beginning or end

   There is a past and a future in God
   He want communicate his preferences to the world and to the man
   Man is made in the image and likeness of God
   God did not think about the man when he created him
   Before he created the world, there was nothing
   God has made the world
   Man can build, modify and install equipment
   When we see mountains and plants, we praise God who is the author
   Man must participate in this glorification

5. The work and the control of earth

    God could have created things as they exist; for example, tables, houses, power plants. But he wanted that the man dominate the creation by working. When man works, he collaborates with God to dominate the creation.

    God made the creation very well because he is motivated by the love for men. So that men have to do things correctly in order thar God can say, "What man does is well done." We must do this by putting effort and offering it to God.

6. God preserves and controls the world

    To make things last, we try to keep them: the damages are repaired, the machines are lubricated, they are protected from cold or heat. if things are not protected, they are damaged and no longer work. We can imagine the preservation of the world like this, with the difference that, if God would not conserve it, it would disappear completely.

    Furthermore, God controls the world, and especially men, with laws that are printed on their nature, respecting the freedom he gave them as one of the great gifts.

7. We must offer the daily work and show gratitude to God

    When the day starts, we must offer God all that we do. This prayer can help us: "I adore you, my God, and I love you with all my heart, I thank you for having created me and maintained me Christian, I offer you all my works and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. "

    To not eat like the pagans who do not know God, Christians bless the table and give thanks after eating. We can say "Lord, bless this food that we will eat thanks to your kidness." And at the end: "We thank you, Lord, for the benefits we have received from your hands." Gratitude must encompass our entire life.

8. Trusting God

    The knowledge of Providence that God exercises over the world must make that we trust him, converting him in the source of our serenity, security and joy.

Catechesis Course. Mister Jaime Pujol Balcells and Mister Jesús Sancho Bielsa. EUNSA. Navarra. 1982. With the author's permission.

  C. There are 6 true sentences and 3 false sentences. Select the true ones

   With his work, Man cooperates with God in the creation
   Man has to make right things with hate
   We must do the study and work reluctantly
   If things are not protected, they are spoiled
   If God would not conserve the world, it would come to naught
   God rules the world with printed laws in his nature
   In the morning we offer with love what we do
   We bless the food and give thanks
   Knowing God's Providence gives us money

  Catechisms Questions

1. Why do we say that God is the Creator?  We say that God is the Creator because he created everything from nothing.

2. Why do we say that God is Lord of all things?  We say that God is Lord of all things because they belong him. He controls them and protects them with wisdom and kindness.

3. What is God's providence?  The Providence of God is the loving protection that God has to preserve and govern things and especially men.

4. What are the most perfect beings of creation?  The most perfect beings of creation are angels and men.

  D. Select the button for the correct answers that are below:

 Why do we say that God is the creator?  
 Why do we say that God is Lord of all things?  
 What is God's providence?  
 What are the most perfect beings of creation?  

 A  It is the loving protection that God has to preserve and controls things and especially men.
 B  He created everything from nothing
 C  Angels and men.
 D  Because everything belong him and he contrel them and preserved them with wisdom and kindness.

  Purposes of Christian life

- Try to offer works every morning (you can use prayers that appears in "prayers" and practices of Christian life or in this issue).

- Offer God the study and work.

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