3. The man's response to God: faith.
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   When we read the Gospel we can realize that Jesus Christ calls for an act of faith before performing the miracle; and he rejoices and praises to the people who manifested their faith. Faith is a gift from God, which is necessary for our salvation; and the response of man to the divine revelation is believing what he has told us, supported in his divine authority.

    Let study with attention this topic to know what the faith is so we are more grateful with God. The faith is also necessary to accept and understand what God teaches, and which is reflected in this page.

  A. Choose one of the words in parentheses and complete the sentences: (faith, hope, charity, a millionaire man, God, a politician, joy, sadness, response)

 • In order to make a miracle, Jesus asks for an act of  
 • Faith is a great gift of
 • When man believes is giving a

  Main Ideas

   1. The faith allows us to know many things about God

    We know with any certainty that God exists because -through created things- we can reach to prove his existence. But there are fundamental questions for the man: how is God in himself? Who is Jesus Christ? what is there after this life? That could not get to know, although we normally think about them, if God had revealed it. We know them by faith.

    2. What is faith?

    Faith is a supernatural virtue by which -supported in the authority of God - we believe the truths that he had revealed, knowing that he can not deceive himself or deceive us. It is a reasonable, free and supernatural assent or accordance of the intellect and will, to the divine Revelation. The faith makes us believe in God and in everything that he has revealed. The reason that moves us to believe is the divine authority and not the clarity of the revealed truths, because man's intelligence is limited. The man believes freely, moved by the grace of God.

    3. Faith is a gift from God

    Believing is a human act, but the faith is above all a supernatural gift, a very big gift that God makes us in the moment of baptism. It is possible to believe only by the grace and internal aid of the Holy Spirit.

    4. Believe is something reasonable

    Sometimes we said that the faith is "believe what we do not see", which seems unreasonable. However, although many things that are believed are not well understood, believe is reasonable because God is who reveals, he cannot deceive himself and us. Likewise, we can not understand many things in nature and we accept them because science teaches them. Therefore, "believe" is a human act, conscious and free, that not only contradict us but dignify the human person. Faith is free before, during and after the act of faith.

  B. Choose one of the words: (doubt, ignorance, certainty, faith, hope, charity, suspected, authority, fate, compulsorily, occasionally, freely, baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, probable, reasonably, possible, supposes, discovers, dignifies)

 • We know with all (....................) that God exists and can be shown.

 • There are fundamental questions that can only be known through the

• We believe supported in the (.....................) of God.

 • The man believes (......................) moved by the grace of God.

 • God gives the gift of faith in the (......................)

 Creer es (...................) because it is God who reveals.

 • Faith does only not contradict but (.......................) to the human person.

    5. I believe, we believe

    When we pray the Creed, we say in singular: I believe in God. This is because the faith is an act of the person who freely accepts the authority of God that reveals. On other occasions we say in plural: we believe in God in order to give the impression that we receive, profess and live the faith in the community of the Church of Jesus Christ, in which all believers are one body

    Thus, the Church is like the Mother of all the faithful, as St. Cyprian says when he relates the faith in God with the role of the Church: "No one can have God as Father but can have the Church as Mother."

    6. Believe what the Church teaches us

    Jesus Christ founded the Church to continue his mission in the world by transmitting his lessons and for that he counts on the assistance of the Holy Spirit. For that reason we say: "I believe everything he says and the Holy Church teaches, because that is what God says me." The certainty of these truths is not supported by the reasons that the men who study the Revelation give me, but on the authority of God who has revealed them; and the Church, assisted by the Holy Spirit, transmits them in virtue of the infallibility which God endowed in things of faith and morals.

    7. Faith is necessary for salvation

    The faith is necessary for salvation. Jesus Christ says: " He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:16). There is a table of the Apostle Thomas who placed his fingers on the side of Christ. As he resisted believing in the resurrection of Jesus, the Lord rebukes him affectionately: "Thomas, Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.'” (John 20.29). We have to pray for those who do not believe, asking God to grant them the grace of faith, helping them with our example and doctrine, exercising the apostolate of the doctrine.

    8. The Creed, summary of the truths that we should believe

    From the beginning the Christians had symbols or formulas of faith that summarized the teaching of the divine Revelation. There are several formulations of the truths of faith, but the symbol of the Apostles and the symbol of Nicea-Constatinopla are in a very particular place in the Church. In Spain the Creed can be recited in the Mass on Sundays and solemnities one or the other. When we recite the Creed, we are making an act of faith in the fundamental truths that God has revealed.

    9. Make many times acts of faith

    God has given us the great gift of faith, and we have to thank him by doing or saying acts of faith:

    - I believe in God, I believe in the Son, I believe in the Holy Spirit.

    - I believe in the Holy Trinity.

    - I believe in Jesus Christ, God and true man.

    - I believe in Saint Mary that is Mother of God and ours.

    - I think, Lord, but increase my faith.

    - I think that the Catholic Church is my Mother.

    Catechesis Course. Mr. Jaime Pujol Balcells and Mr. Jesús Sancho Bielsa. EUNSA. Navarra. 1982. With the permission of the authors.

  C. Choose one of the words in parentheses: (I believe in God, we believe in God, gang, Church, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, inconstant, infallible, Thomas, John, James, true, false)

 • One person says (.....................)

 • When there are several believers they say (....................)

 • We receive, profess and live the faith in the (...................)

 • The Church has the support of the (...................... )

 • In matters of faith and morals, the Church is (....................... )

 • What was the Apostle who did not believe? (......................)

 • He who believes and is baptized will be condemned (.......................)

 • We should pray for the unbelievers (....................)

  Questions of catechisms

1. What is the faith?  The faith is a supernatural virtue by which, supported by the authority of God, we believe the truths that he has revealed, knowing that he can not deceive himself or ourselves.

2. What does the phrase "I believe" mean?  The Phrase "I" believe means: I firmly accept the truths revealed by God.

3. What truths should we believe? We should believe the truths that God has revealed and the Church teaches.

4. Where the main truths that we must believe are?  The principal truths are in the Creed.

  D. Choose the correct answer and write the corresponding letter next to the question. The possible answers (A, B, C, D) are down

 • What is faith?
 • What does the word "I believe" mean?
 • What truths should we believe?
 • Where the main truths that we must believe are?



 I firmly accept the truths revealed by God.


 In the Creed.


 It is a supernatural virtue by which, supported by the authority of God, we believe the truths revealed, knowing that he can not deceive himself or ourselves.


 Those that God has revealed and the Church teaches.

  Purposes of Christian life

- Learn very well the Creed (it is found in the section "Profession of Faith").").

- Recite the Creed with devotion, not only in the mass. - Pray for those who have no faith.

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