Little Dwarfs

Little Dwarfs 

   When the moon
    is over the horizon,
    many little dwarfs
    play on the fields.

    They play in the corners
    and in circle, circles,
    the little dwarfs play
    under the trees.

    Their beards are very white,
    their clothes are very red,
    the little dwarfs play
    without making noise.

    And just like that, like soft
    balls of wool,
    they run on the fields
    towards the mountain.

    Germán Berdiales

Instructions: It touches one of the buttons with the lettering to a, b and c. The guessed right letter puts itself of red color.

Comprehension Test

1. Where do the little dwarfs play at night? 

a) On the fields.

b) By the river.

c) By the sea shore.  

2. Where do the little dwarfs play in circles? 

a) a. In the water.

b) b. Under the trees. 

c) c. In their house. 

3. What color are the clothes of the little dwarfs?

a) a. White.

b) b. Red. 

c) c. Green.

4. What do the little dwarfs look like when they run?

a) a. Papers that are blown by the wind.

b) b. A flock of birds.

c) c. Soft balls of wool.


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