In the Early Mornings

In the Early Mornings

    In the early mornings
    during the month of May
    nightingales sing,
    echoing the field.

    In the early mornings,
    since they are fresh,
    nightingales cover
    the meadows.

    The fountains laugh
    throwing pearls
    to the little flowers
    that are nearby.

    The plants dress
    with various silk,
    bringing out color
    does not cost them much.

    The fields are brighten up
    by various mats,
    the nightingales sing,
    echoing the field.

    Lope de Vega

Instructions: It touches one of the buttons with the lettering to a, b and c. The guessed right letter puts itself of red color.

Comprehension Test

1. Which birds can be heard singing during the early mornings of the month of May?

a) Starlings.

b) Nightingales.

c) Canaries.

2. How are the early mornings of the month of May?

a) Fresh.

b) Hot.

c) Cold.

3. What are the pearls that the fountains throw?

a) Little stones from the bottom that jump.

b) Water drops that splash.

c) Sun rays that reflect in the water.

4. What is the meaning of: “the plants dress with various silk”?

a) The plants are covered with spider webs.

b) The plants are covered by roof of different colors to protect them.

c) The plants naturally have beautiful colors.

5. What are the mats that brighten up the fields?

a) A bunch of stones picked up by Labradors.

b) The herbs and flowers that sprout in Spring

c) The dried herbs from last year.


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