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Make a letter a, b, c


    The elephant did not know
    what telephony was,
    in what it consisted,
    for what it was useful…

    “I do not want to be that ignorant”,
    the elephant said one day.
    He grabbed the machine,
    spun the circle…and listened.

    “Oh my goodness!  This is great!
    You can hear the entire jungle in there!
    – He yelled a bit scared – It is witchcraft!
    Oh! Who is gripping, my trump?
    (The elephant did not know…)

    Clara Ruiz

Comprehension Test

1. What is the purpose of telephony?

a) To watch films.

b) To talk on the phone.

c) To do sports.

2. Who did the elephant call?

a) The jungle.

b) His family.

c) His cousins.

3. What did the elephant hear?

a) A fun conversation.

b) A soft music.

c) The entire jungle.


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