The Goldfinch and the Swan

The Goldfinch and the Swan

   “Shut up, you vociferous little bird
    (said the Swan to the Goldfinch).
    when you sing you provoke me, since you know
    that the sweet melody of my voice
    has never had equal among all the Birds?”

    The Goldfinch repeated his tweets,
    and the Swan continued. “What insolence!
    Look how the little musician insults me!
    If I sing I would not be able to insult him,
    thanks to my great prudence.”

    “If only you sang!
    (Finally replied the little bird).
    How could you not admire
    with the rare cadences
    that no one can assert to have heard you;

    Even if they are more famous than I am?...”
    The Swan wanted to sing, and gave a loud quack.
    Big thing! Earning credit without science,
    and losing when getting closer to experience.

    Fame means nothing
    if it does not correspond with actions.

    Tomás de Iriarte.

Instructions: It touches one of the buttons with the lettering to a, b and c. The guessed right letter puts itself of red color.

Comprehension Test

1. Who was the vociferous little bird?

a) The Goldfinch.

b) The Swan.

c) A bird whose voice was horrible.

2. How did the Goldfinch react to the Swan’s complaints?

a) Stopped singing.

b) Insulted the Swan.

c) Continued to sing without paying too much attention to the Swan.

3. The Swan did not want to humiliate him due to:

a) His prudence.

b) His talent.

c) His friendship.

4. Select the correct sentence:

a) The bird did not respond to the Swan’s complaints.

b) The bird invited the Swan to sing.

c) The bird and the Swan sang together.

5. How was the Swan’s song?

a) A Harmonious tune.

b) A horrible quack.

c) The Swan was not able to sing.

6. What does this fable teach us?

a) What matters is what others think of us.

b) That fame without actions does not mean anything.

c) We should not worry about what others think about us.


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