2. Preparation for love

  First part

   Some young people do not know the true love because they have only experienced it for sexual pleasure. They are carried along by the frivolity which is one of the worst evils of this civilization.

    Youth is the time to define a feasible future, which collect everything noble and legitimate that is in the interior. But that ideal will be reality only if it is prepared with the seriousness and the reflection of mature persons.

    For many young people love illumines the joy of knowing and engages with their partner to live forever together, a happiness that should grow day after day.

    But unfortunately many young people end up failing in the love of the engagement and later in the love of marriage. Why they have not reached their ideal love?

    One cause is that the love has been praised in excess and it is thought that this feeling will solve everything forever. This is a mistake because we have take care and cultivate the love with effort as if it was a delicate plant.

  A) Select an answer

 • For many young people love is

 • One of the worst evils of modern civilization is the

 • Youth is the time to profile a

 • The future will come true if it is prepared with

 • With love we know and commit with

 • It is wrong to think that the feeling will solve

 • Love is like a plant that needs to be nurtured with

  Second part

   Another reason is to have an excess of admiration for the other, until the extreme that we do not see the defects. We must be realistic to accept the own defects and the other ones. This realistic sense does not allow that young people are carried along by the imagination and fantasy.

    Another error is to think that the engagement does not need learning. Even though they are in love and have the willingness to strengthen the love, coexistence in the engagement is a hard job that requires understanding and generosity. The integration of physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, economic, social, cultural and spiritual factors require that all the parts advance with a degree of fluency and this is accomplished by putting our best efforts.

  B) Select an answer

 • An error is to have too much

 • We must be realistic and accept

 • It is not good to be carried along by the

 • The engagement requires

 • Coexistence in the engagement requires understanding and

 • The integration of factors is achieved with

  Third part

   Love leads to marriage and the young people have to be alert to the responsibility that will come and they must anticipate, as far as possible, the difficulties that they will have to overcome. Only in this way they can avoid the failure and will be happy.

    The bride and groom have to be responsible so they will not be an unhappy marriage in the future. They have to prepare well to get married, knowing clearly the duties that the future spouses will have: those that must do at the same time and in conjunction with respect to the children, and those that must do each one separately in relation to the other spouse. But it is not enough to know the duties, it is important to want and to be fully prepared to respond in a comprehensive manner to the demands of the new life when the time to face them comes.

  C) Select an answer

 • Love leads naturally to

 • We must anticipate possible

 • The bride and groom must be prepared to meet the

 • There are duties of the spouses in relation to

 • Besides knowing the duties we will take them to the

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