1. A young maid

  First part

   Dr. Carnot presents the story of a maid that can be very interesting to start to talk about these issues of "the bride and groom".

    "Sometime ago, a young woman appeared with a recommendation letter of her employer whom I knew.    Dear Doctor:

    I think that miss X who is 25 years old and works in my house for 7 years ago is going on the wrong track in these moments. She has had a surgery for 7 or 8 months ago and since then she has a very sick appearance. She says that she is sick. Take care of her! I highly recommend her. If you think it is appropriate, do not hesitate to take the initiative to send her to relax to the field all the time that is needed, and so on…

     I look at the sick maid and realized by her expression that there were many things that it was not ok…    When I asked for the first time to establish the diagnosis, I only got vague answers, and very soon the poor woman could not contain her tears. I encouraged her, telling her that she would trust, because I was father of a family and because her boss particularly recommended her to me, obviously for her exemplary work. Then she told me her sad history:

    I lost my mother when I was 3 years; my father remarried and abandoned me. I was educated by nuns in Normandy; I left the orphanage at 17 years old. An aunt hosted me and I started working as a saleswoman.

    Without family affection, I sought to know a young man to marry as soon as possible. I wanted a true marriage, a home, children...

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 • How old was the maid?

 • The track she followed was

 • She started to

 • How many years she had when she lost her mother?

 • She was abandoned by her

 • She spent 17 years in

 • She was taken in by her

 • She was looking for a young for

 • She wanted a marriage, a home and

  Second part

   For the last 7 years I have experienced all the misfortunes, all the sorrows, until the point of desperation...

    I have known three young employees like me that seemed to be good guys. I talked about marriage to each one of them, since they courted me; but they left marriage to the future. They said: "it was for the bourgeois and there was no need to get married to be happy"!

    When I was 19, I give myself to him for the first time with the hope that my lover decided to marry me. What a naive! We have lived together two years; after that, unfortunately, the military service time came… his first leaves of 24 hours were for me, but in the special permission of New Year I was replaced by a young woman in the Guarnicion city…

    Some months later I visited an employee of the Bus Company. Not even a year had passed, when he left me, telling me that he never had a lover more than a year… However, I loved him with devotion.

    My third friend, for two years, has also promised me marriage each month, and he always has found a pretext for delaying it.

    I was pregnant of him. I was very happy because I was hoping that this time he would marry with me… I can still hear his shouts: "there is no way! We have to kill the baby quickly"; and that evening against my will he got me an injection with a brutal compound, It did not work…

  B) Select an answer

 • How many young people she courted?

 • How old were she when she courted with the first boyfriend?

 • The three boyfriends wanted

 • The three of them rejected the

 • At 19 the maid

 • The first boyfriend left her when he was in the

 • The second boyfriend was of the Company of

 • He treated her like a

 • The maid was pregnant of the

 • In order to kill the baby, he got her a/an

  Third part 

      During the following weeks, he began to make me understand that he was no longer interest in me, and that the situation had to change or otherwise he would leave me. Tired and depressed by his threats of abandonment, I accepted follow him to the house of a friend of his family. He made a deal with her by the sum of 3,000 pesetas. The women killed the baby of three months with a knitting needle, but the misfortune wanted that this horrible woman (she is now in prison) perforated my womb when she pierced to the child. Four days later I went to the hospital due to an infection and doctors operated on me for remove the womb and the ovaries: the mutilation.    Severely weakened by the operation and feeling all sorts of discomforts, I became sad and neurasthenic. In the meantime the culprit of my misfortune (my husband) met a girl of 40 years, widow of a rich man. One night I saw him no more…    Since then I have a big sorrow, I cried almost every time when I am alone after leaving the companions of the store. I do not eat almost anything and I feel that I am pooped…It is horrible that there are so many men that behave like dirty selfish and think that the woman is not more than a toy that they can take and leave when they want! Is there the true love? (This is the end of her statement).    Before that I examined to the sick, I told her that in any case, she should not have sexual relations before marriage…it was not a good tactic… if she would have waited some months she would have been married or have renounced prudently to an impossible love. I told her that the induced abortion was an action very bad because that causes the death of an innocent, and if she had not done it she will still have her physical integrity and the consolation of being able to dedicate to a son, whom she would also love with all her soul.    The test showed that she had tuberculosis. I took the necessary measures for her to enter into a sanatorium. "(1)    If we do not want to fall into the grave mistakes of this maid, first we must make sure to make a good choice of a partner. Moreover, as well as preparation and study are needed to be a good doctor or nurse, it is advisable to follow with interest and dedication the forty topics of this course to have a good engagement and form a healthy family, I wish everybody get right and have better luck than this maid! (1) Doctor Carnot. The book of the young. Editorial Herder. Pages 169-172.

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 • If she does not abort, he threatened to

 • How many pesetas the abortion cost?

 • They killed the baby with a needle

 • That needle perforated her

 • After the operation the maid was

 • The third groom met a

 • Some men behave like

 • For some men the woman is a

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