5. False foundations

  1. The divorce

    Nowadays the number of divorces and separations are increasing in our society and more than half of all marriages end up breaking up in some European nations. Many couples got excited to achieve a more positive situation when they form a family, but when it broke, they suffered a terrible failure.

    We often attach no importance that the marriage has until it ends up. The damages are essentially psychological but also affect the physical health. According to some research we know that the unhappy marriage increase 35% the possibilities of disease and shorten the life approximately four years. On the contrary, happy marriages live longer and enjoy better health than those who are divorced.

    In view of the great problem of the divorce it is important to ask ourselves what are the causes, if this is due to the lack of preparation of the bride and groom or to the amount of other personal and social factors.

(Painting Pastor y pastora. BLOEMAERT, Abraham. Museo de Hannover)

  A. There are six true sentences and two false sentences. Write a cross (x) to the right side of the true sentences.

 • Currently, the number of divorces and separations are increasing.

 • Marriage has little value.

 • The damages of divorce are psychological and physical.

 • The divorced shorten life 35%.

 • The happy marriages live longer.

 • Divorced people have poorer health.

 • It is advisable to study the causes of separation.

 • In some countries, half of all marriages break up.

  2. Consequences in children

   When a marriage breaks up not only the parents suffer, but also the children. Kids who suffer from the divorce of their parents tend to have a higher level of stress than others and in the next years the absenteeism from schools, the depression, the rejection of the classmates, the bad behavior, the bad grades increase and it usually ends in school failure.

   All divorce reduces the welfare of children, relationships between parents and children deteriorate and the likelihood that in the future these children will eventually divorce increases.

    When the family disintegrates, besides the spouses, also suffer the grandparents that see how they fail in a task so important. The damage done to the children is immense: they lose the sense of love and can move on cynicism.

(Painting Retrato de Conrad Rehlinger y sus hijos. STRIGEL, Bernhard. Pinacoteca Alte. Munich)

  B. There are six true sentences and one false sentence. He says the true numbers

 • When a marriage breaks up parents and children suffer.

 • Children of divorced parents often have a higher level of stress.

 • Divorce does not affect children's school failure.

 • Children of divorced parents often suffer depression.

 • Children have bad behavior and bad grades.

 • Children of divorced parents tend to divorce in the future.

 • In the divorce, spouses, parents and grandparents suffer.

  3. False reasons to marry

   Here are some bad decisions that can cause a failure:

   a) Pay too much attention to the beauty of the body, the money and the social status of the partner.
   b) Idealize the qualities and virtues of the other person without accepting the defects.
   c) Being afraid to stay bachelor or spinster and precipitate an unprepared marriage.
   d) Look for the independence of parents.
e) Getting married as a personal affirmation in view of the opposition of parents in relation to the choice of the partner.
   f) The fear of interrupting a formal and socially encouraged engagement.
   g) Bring forward the wedding, when the bride is pregnant. It would be better to wait until the child is born and marry with more calm and serenity.
   h) Marry with someone for compassion, thinking that it is the best way to help.

   i) Think that marriage can solve some psycho disorders, such as homosexuality.
   j) Think that in the gay couple, one person can play the role of father and the other person can play the role of mother.

(Painting El tocador de theorbo. GRAMATICA, Antiveduto. Galería Sabanda. Turín.)

  C. There are six true sentences and one false sentence. He says the true numbers

 • It is negative to pay much attention to the beauty and money.

 • We should not be afraid to stay bachelor or spinster.

 • We should not be afraid to interrupt the wedding if there are reasons.

 • We must take into account the qualities and defects.

 • It is not required to bring forward the wedding if the bride is pregnant.

 • Marriage does not usually solve homosexuality.

 • It is not positive marry for compassion.

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