Plant Nutrition
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   1. Plant Nutrition

   In the picture, we see two plants placed in two glasses.

   The left glass has no water and the plant has withered.

  In the right glass, there is enough water and the plant remains healthy.

  Thus, we see that plants need water to live.

Besides water, plants need also:

- Light and solar power,

- Carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) from the air to make the photosynthesis,

- Oxygen to breathe

And they need to take from the floor:

- Water

- Mineral salts of potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and iron .

   Plants absorb water and minerals through the roots, mainly through the root hair.

   2. Answer if these sentences are true or false:

Photosynthesis needs water


Plants need water


They obtain salts from rain


They need oxygen to breathe


   3. Photosynthesis or chlorophyll function

   Green plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to get the carbon they need.

   The plant exposed to sunlight, absorbs carbon dioxide ( CO2) from the air and comes off oxygen. This is called photosynthesis or chlorophyll function.

   The green leaves have a substance called chlorophyll. When they receive the ray of sunlight, they convert carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen.

   The oxygen back into the atmosphere and retains the carbon to produce organic matter.

   4. Choose one of these words: chlorophyll, carbon dioxide or oxygen:

Green plants have


What is expulsed in the chlorophyll function?


And what is absorbed?


   5. Plant sap circulation

   Substances taken from the ground through the root (water and mineral salts) form the raw sap. It rises from the roots to the leaves through the stem.

   The leaves are responsible for transforming the raw sap in elaborated sap poorer in water and richer in nutrients due to the chlorophyll function. The elaborated sap descends to the root in order to feed the plant.

   6. Answer if these sentences are true or false:

The raw sap has carbon dioxide


The sap that descends to the root is the elaborated sap?


It transforms raw sap to elaborated sap (in the leaves)


The raw sap is nutritious


   7. Respiration

   Leaves, like all parts of the plant, absorb oxygen from the environment and give off carbon dioxide. This function is called respiration.

   Oxygen that plants capture when they breathe causes combustion of foods.

   Plants breathe during the day and the night, but they only make the chlorophyll function during the day, because they need sunlight.

   Plants expel more oxygen, thus they enrich the atmosphere.

   8. Answer with oxygen or carbon dioxide:

When plants breathe, they absorb


When plants breathe, they expel


With photosynthesis, they absorb


With photosynthesis, they expel


Plants expel more amount of…


   9. Transpiration

   Transpiration is the property of plants to constantly emit water vapor through their leaves.

   If plants lose too much water during transpiration and do not recover it from the ground through the roots, they can dry up and die.

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