Reproductive system

   1. The reproductive system

   All living beings are born, grow, reproduce and die. They reproduce to continue the species causing similar beings.

   2. Male reproductive system

   The principal male sex organs are the testicles and penis.

   - The testicles are suspended in a sac called the scrotum. Its mission is to produce sperm which are the male sex cells.

   - The penis is the organ through which sperm comes out.

   3. Female reproductive system

   In women, the sexual organs are inside the body. They are:

   - The ovaries produce eggs or female sex cells.

   - The uterus is a muscular cavity that is underneath the belly.

   - The vagina is the canal that connects the uterus to the outside.

   - The vulva is the external hole of the vagina.

   4. Answer if these organs are male or female:

The uterus

The penis

The testicles

The vagina

The sperm

The egg

The ovaries

    5. Fertilization

   In humans, fertilization is an internal process. It occurs inside the woman's body. The sperm goes up through the vagina and uterus searching for the egg. Many sperm attempt to cross the membrane of the egg.

   When some of them get it, the membrane of the egg hardens, so other sperm cannot enter. The zygote or egg cell appears when the two nuclei joint.

   The zygote is fixed on the wall of the uterus and the nine-month gestation begins. When the zygote takes human form is called a fetus.

  At the time of the union of sperm and ovum a new being that continues in the body of the mother but it's a different person appears.

   6. Are these statements true or false?

The fertilization occurs in the body of man

The egg is the female sex cell

The sperm is male sex cell

Many sperm enter in the egg

The fetus has human form

Gestation lasts twelve months

The fetus is a person different than the mother

   7. The birth

   When the nine months of gestation or pregnancy pass, the fetus comes out of the vagina. It is called the birth.

   The umbilical cord is cut. Its blood contains very beneficial medicinal properties.

   The navel is what remains of the umbilical cord.

   Once the child is born, he can breathe and eat through the mouth. The newborn is fed sucking milk from the mother or baby bottle. There is great joy in the family.

   8. Hygiene of the reproductive system

   We should take into account:

    - Pregnant women should avoid tobacco, alcohol, drugs and some medications that can harm the fetus.

   - It is healthy to wash genitals frequently.

   - Avoid friction and touching.

   9. Answer if these advices are correct or incorrect:

Pregnant should smoke

Avoid friction and contact

Drink alcoholic beverages

Take a shower frequently

Avoid drugs

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