The website “Educational Aplications (Aplicaciones didácticas)” contains two different sections: the web itself with URL and the Magazine of education (Revista de aplicaciones), with the web address www.aplicaciones.infor/revista/revistain.htm


    This website (hereinafter called “the website”) was recorded on September 9th 1999 at Provincial Service of Culture and Turism (Teruel) to apply for the intellectual property rights, under registration number 141. These rights obtained the legal favourable ratings and were registered in General Registry of Intellectual Property of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain on March 12th 2002.

    The registered office is: Plaza Playa de Aro, nº 3, 1º DO. 44002-Teruel (Spain)

    Email address:

    The incumbent is: Arturo Ramo García. DNI: 18.381.117-T


    The purpose of the website is to provide children age 6 and older, parents and teachers with teaching materials designed for their immediate use, individually, in the family context and at school. Materials are diverse: comprehension reading, ortography, calcule, mathematics, natural science, global geography, world history, Spanish language and others like it.

    The users, whether students or teachers (hereinafter “the users”) can enter the website and performe interactive exercises and others that are not, as well as print the exercises “ready for printing”.


    The incumbent of the website can change unilaterally the contents, as well as insert or remove anothers, without notice. He may also modify the presentation and configuration of the website at any time.


    All the content of the website Aplicaciones didácticas, whether graphic design, menus, source codes (HTML, javascript and PHP) are exclusive property of the owner. He also reserves the exploitation rights, in accordance with the legal favourable ratings issued by the General Registry of Intellectual Property.

    No part of the contents of this website may be reproduced by any mechanical, electronic or other means, saved the exercises “ready for printing”, which can be printed for free. In any case, the name of the website shall be respected and the holder identified, as well as it will be necessary to have their prior written consent.


   This website shall not be liable for any mistake, whether typographical, technical, editorial and others like it. The responsibility for the articles signed in it rests solely with their authors. Similarly, neither can the website responsible for the links to others websites, that will be of informative nature.

    Likewise, the website is not responsible for the existence of viruses that could cause any damages or harm, from the informatic system or from files of the users.


    This publication (hereinafter “the Magazine”) is a newsletter that is mailed to suscribers at the start of every month, with the most recent items.

    The Magazine has been approved as an online publication by the National Centre of International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) from National Library, Culture Ministry, under number 1886-5828, dated 5 July 2006.

    The incumbent of the Magazine is Arturo Ramo García.

    Address: Plaza Playa de Aro, nº 3, 1º DO. 44002-Teruel (Spain)


    Two different versions are published:

    a) The Revista de aplicaciones in Spanish, for Spanish subscribers, with the following sections:

    - Ten articles of educational content and topical issues, one of them usually from the incumbent of the website, Arturo Ramo García, and the remaining ones from other authors.

    - A series of exercises available on the website.

    - Six exercises about human and Christian values, with methodological suggestions to facilitate the application to students during a class at school. They can be worked individually or on a team and obtain final conclusions.    - Six videos from YouTube with educational content.

    - Utilities for students and educators (parents and teachers).

    - Humour, verbal jokes, graphics, pastimes and remarkable links.

    At the end there is an option so that the user can easily unsuscribe from future mailings.

    b) Magazine of education, in English, for English subscribers, with the following contents:

    - Four articles in English of educational content and topical issues.

    - A series of interactive exercises and other kinds of writings in English.

    The end you can cancel the suscription.

    The issues of the Magazine are sent to the users that have expressed expressely in writing their wish to enroll in the website or to suscribe to the Magazine.