Reading for children

1. The Tittle Bird
2. Little Marcelo, Bread and Wine
3. Paper Boats
4. A surprise for mom
5. The fountain
6. Colatiesa and Castañuela
7. The circus
8. Confession of a half fool boy
9. The elephant
10. Loyalty a brother
11. My backpack
12. The frog and the snake
13. The animals
14. The little boy of the family
15. The manger
16. The wisdom of Salomom
17. White Tail
The train station
19. Two sparrows
20. Poldo's fear
21. The egoistic giant
22. The legend of the tea
23. Little red riding hood
24. The cheese, the old lady and the old man
25. Hansel and Gretel
26. The cricket and his friends
27. The cat with boats
28. The soldier made of lead
29. The wizard of Oz
30. The princeps of the year
31. Clara and the alligator
32. The vain little mouse
33. Somebody is wat ching you
34. The visit of the spring
35. The seed
36. Lazarillo of Tormes
37. Flyng stars
38. Grandma's table
39. Little woman
40. The raisin rolls

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