3. Birth of Jesus

  1. 1. The census of Augustus

    The Roman emperor Augustus gave the order to take a census or list to find out how many people were in the Roman Empire. Everybody went to enroll in the city where they were born. As Joseph was of the house and lineage of David, he had with to the Virgin Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

    The trip had to do with a donkey and the virgin mounted in it because she was pregnant and it would be difficult to walk.

  A. Choose one of the Word in Parentheses and complete the sentences: (Augustus, Trajano, Nero, show, castle, census, grown, born, died, Zechariah, Moses, David, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, rested, light, pregnant)

 • The emperor ( ) gave an order to everybody.

 • He wanted to do a ( ) to know how many people were in the Empire.

 • They were going to enroll in the city in which they had ( ) .

 • Joseph was of the family of ( ) .

 • Joseph and Mary lived in ( ) before going to Bethlehem.

 • The Virgin Mary was ( ) of Jesus.

  2. They did not found an lodging in Bethlehem

    When they arrived to Bethlehem, Joseph looked for a lodging where Mary could rest the trip but all the houses were full and they could not find a suitable lodging.

    After searching all over the town and not finding anything, they decided to go outside to see if there was any empty stable.

    They found just one place where there were some pets and they slept there. .

  B. Choose one of the Word in Parentheses and complete the sentences: (Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, full, empty, dirty, clean lodging, full lodging, suitable lodging, pregnant, rested, light, hotel, stable, restaurant, lions, tigers, pets)

  ( ) went to look for lodging in Bethlehem.

 • All houses were ( ) and nobody received them.

 • They did not find a ( ) for Mary.

 • As the Virgin Mary was ( ) they needed a good place.

 • There was a ( ) on the outskirts of the town.

 • There may have been ( ) inside the stable.

  3. The Birth of Jesus

     When Mary was in the stable, the time of birth came and she gave birth to his son Jesus. She wrapped him in diapers and laid down him in a manger.

       Mary was very happy adoring her baby and Joseph stared Jesus trying to understand this wonder.

    What humble place the Son of God chose to be born on earth!

  C. Choose one of the Word in Parentheses and complete the sentences: (Elizabeth, Mary/Judith, Jesus, John, Peter, a towel, a blanket, a diaper, floor, crib, couch, adoring, watching, observing, see, imagine, understand)

 • In the stable, ( ) given birth.
 • It was called ( ) the son of Mary
 • She wrapped him in ( )
 • Jesus laid down Jesus in the ( )
 • Mary was very happy ( ) the Son of God.
 • Joseph tried to ( that wonder.


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