11. The necessity of an eternal being
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Write on the right side what is missing.

  1. A first eternal being is necessary

    It is clear that there are things, plants, animals and men.

    If that were the case, that from all eternity there would not exist anything, nothing would exist right now either.

    Beings could not give themselves the existence, due to the fact that they did not exist. Neither they could receive the existence from the void, because the void is nothing and does not produce anything.

    So, there was a need for a first eternal being to be in order to give existence to the others.

  A. Chose one of these answers: probable, clear, possible, eternity, week, antiquity, tomorrow, yesterday, now, existence, health, wisdom, something, a lot, nothing, temporal, eternal or wise.

 1. That things exist is something:


 2. Someone has existed in:


 3. If there would be nothing before, neither would be:


 4. Beings do not give themselves:


 5. The void does not produce:


 6. It is necessary the existence of a first being:


  2. That eternal being is God

   The eternal being, because of existing from all eternity, has an attribute, a divine perfection: eternity, a duration with neither start nor finish. But, as attributes of a being cannot be superior to its nature, its essence, in the same way as the arm of a man cannot be bigger than man itself; so the eternal being, due to be the owner of a divine attribute, also possesses a infinite nature or essence; so he is infinite in all sorts of perfections.

    What is infinite from an angle so it is from all the other ones.

  B. Chose some of these words: week, antiquity, eternity, limited, infinite, great, finish, tomorrow, after, wisdom, information, nature, parts, perfections, capacities, God, world or nature.

 1. An eternal being exists from all:

 2. The eternal being possesses a:
 3. The eternal being has no start nor:
 4. The attributes of someone cannot be greater than their:
 5. The eternal being is infinite in all of his:
 6. That infinite being is:  

  3. The necessity of his own nature

   Because this eternal being has existed forever, cannot have received his existence from another one: he was alone.

    Neither he can give it to himself, because nobody can create himself; so it is necessary that this first being exists by the necessity or his own nature; he is the being we name necessary.

    God is the necessary being, who exists because existence is essential to him, such as being round is essential to circle or having three angles is to triangle.

  C. Chose one of these answers: always, a lot, enough, accompanied by, alone, with others, lucky, wisdom, nature, necessary, possible, probable, square, rectangle, round, the world, God, nature. El

 1. The eternal being has existed:
 2. This eternal being was:
 3. This first being exits by his own:
 4. We call this first being:
 5. It is essential to circle to be:
 6. That necessary being is:

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