6. Beings of the universe
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Write on the right side what is missing.

  1. Lamartine and the stonecutter

    French writer Lamartine asked the stonecutter of S. Pont:

    If you has never gone to school, studied the catechism or read anything in books talking about God, how do you know that God exists? And the stonecutter answered him:

    When I was small my mother told me that many times, and then I have attended catechism classes in the local parish and other houses of pray where we used to gather for prayer, worship God and serve him. But even though all that would have never happened, I assure you that wandering the lands of France, everything tells me about God. The idea of Him penetrated to my eyes with the first ray of light, in my mind with the first reflection, and in my heart with the first beat. Even being considered myself an ignorant, when I look at a star or an ant or a leaf or a grain of sand, I wonder necessarily: who has made you?

  A. Answer with one word

 1. Mr. Lamartine was:


 2. The stonecutter never attended:


 3. He first heard of God to his:


 4. He attended catechism classes at:


 5. He recognized God wandering the lands of:


 6. When he saw an ant said: who has ___ you?


  2. The existence of things

   Mr. Lamartine said to stonecutter:

    - You say that God has made the star, the ant and the grain of sand.

    - Yes, sir; those things cannot be made by their own, because before being made one thing it is necessary to exist; do you agree? And before existing, those things did not exist; so they cannot be made by themselves. The conclusion is clear and there is no two ways about it. And in this way I explain myself the existence of all around us. Perhaps you know more scientific arguments to explain all of this.

    Mr. Lamartine replied:

    - No; I think the same as you. It can be said with more words, but not with more sense.

  B. Answer with one word

 1. The star and the grain of sand have been made by:

 2. Things cannot be made:
 3. Before making one thing, it is necessary to:
 4. Before existing, things:
 5. Mr. Lamartine did not know other arguments:
 6. You cannot say that with more:  

  3. The beings of the universe

   Every being in the universe is a proof of the existence of God, because all of them are necessarily the effect of a cause that has produced them, the work of a God creator.

    Although scientists know perfectly the elements composing those beings, they are not able to produce a single one.

    They cannot create a single grain of sand, or a leaf in a tree, or an ant.

  C. Chose the right answer: :

 1. Every being is a proof of the existence of:
 2. The being is the effect of a:
 3. Beings are the work of a God:
 4. Scientists know:
 5. They are not able to produce a single:
 6. A grain of sand they cannot:

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