2. The existence of the world
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  1. Conversation between two men.

   During the French Revolution, in 1793, a noble man called Lord Carrier didn´t believe in God. He told to a peasant from Nantes:

    ─ We will wreck your churches and your bell towers.    The peasant answers him:

    ─ Maybe, but we still have the stars. While this alphabet of our good Lord will be in the skies, it serves us to teach our sons how to spell His sacred name.

    As we can see, to prove the existence of God it is not necessary a pompous speech. The only thing that is needed is to open our eyes and see the marvels in Creation.

  A. Answer writing a, b or c. (If the letter takes the red a correct answer)

  1. What happens in 1793?

    a. a. the Independence War
    b. b. the French Revolution
    c. c. the Lepanto battle


  2. Lord Carrier

    a. didn’t believe in God
    b. had his own religion
    c. was devoted of Saint Joseph


 3. What wanted to do Carrrier?

    a. build new churches
    b. build new bell towers
    c. wreck bell towers and churches


 4. The peasant always could

    a. watch the stars
    b. build new bell towers
    c. search for new churches


 5. The peasant teach to his sons how

    a. to build churches
    b. to spell the name of God
    c. to forgive


 6. To know the existence of God it is only necessary to watch carefully

    a. the churches
    b. the towers
    c. the marvels in the Creation


  2. Evidence of the existence of the Universe

   We know that there is no effect without a cause. When we see a house, a car or a table, we think in a group or architects and builers building the house, a mechanic repairing the car or a carpenter finishing the table. In the same way, when we see the Earth, the Sun, the animals and plants, our first thougth is to think that somebody do it. The first cause of the Universe is God.

    The Universe cannot be its own creator, because a thing that does not exist cannot be created by itself. It must be created by God.

    The Universe is not a product of a certain chance, because chance does not exists and cannot produce anything.

  B. Answer choosing the : a, b, c.

  1. We know that there is no effect

    a. without a cause
    b. without builders and mechanics
    c. without a decorator


  2. Builders have built

    a. a car
    b. a table
    c. a house


 3. Mechanics can make

    a. a car
    b. a table
    c. a house


 4. A carpenter can make

    a. a car
    b. a table
    c. a house


 5. The Universe is created by

    a. builders
    b. mechanics
    c. God


 6. The Universe is not the result of

    a. imagination
    b. fate
    c. science


  3. Features of the eternal

   A wise man said: “Nothing is eternal over Earth, and everything which is inside it or in its surface has a beginning and an end”

    The Eternal Being has three characteristics: it is necessary, immutable and infinite.

    The material world can’t be necessary, because its elements may disappear. The world could exist with or without a certain mountain or river, so these elements are not neccesary, they are contingent.

      The world is nor immutable neither stable. Vegetables and animals born, grow and die. Everything regenerates, and only God is immutable.

    The world is finite because it is limitated.

    Since the world is not eternal, it has a beginning. It is the work of a builder, who we called God, the first cause of all the beings.

  2. Choose a, b or c

  1. Nothing is eternal

    a. over the clouds
    b. over the sky
    c. over the land


  2. Everything has a beginning

    a. and an end
    b. and marks a starting point
    c. and has a cause


 3. The material world is not necessary because

    a. es eterno
    b. its elements stand
    c. its elements can disappear


 4. Things which are not necessary

    a. are eternal
    b. are contingent
    c. are permanent


 5. Everything regenerates

    a. the world is
    b. only God is immutable
    c. things are unchangeable


 6. What main cause of all the beings is God?

    a. The first
    b. The second
    c. The third


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