10. True facts of history

  1. Ways of knowing the truth

    We can use two ways of knowing the truth: 1st discovering it by yourself; 2nd receiving it from others

    Man knows or believes.

    The first way is to know the truth by the only faculties of his soul, such as intelligence, memory, attention, conscience and the organs of sense.

  A. There are six true sentences and two false. Click on the number of the true ones.

 • There are two ways of knowing the truth

 • One of them is to discover it for yourself

 • Another way is to receive it from other

 • Man knows or believes

 • The first way is to receive the truth from other

 • The second way is to discover the truth by the own faculties

 • Intelligence and memory are human faculties

 • The organs of sense are five

  2. The Bible as an historic book

   The easier way to know God is the testimony of History.

   If we consider the Bible as an historic book, we know it is full of the conditions science demands for veracity.

    We cannot deny the historical facts of the Bible, as we cannot deny the victories of Alexander the Great or Napoleon.

  B. There are six true sentences and one false sentence. He says the true numbers

 • We are able to know God from the testimony of others.

 • The Bible is a purely historical book

 • The Bible satisfies the veracity science demands

 • The historical facts of the Bible are in dispute.

 • The Bible is an historical and religious book

 • We cannot deny the victories of Alexander the Great.

 • There are others true fonts of History besides the Bible

 • Nobody questions the battles of Napoleon.

  3. Ways of appearence

   A being can be manifested in three ways: appearing, speaking, acting

  - God has shown himself as a man in the incarnation, in his working life, his preaching and his passion and death. Jesus showed his humanity and divinity in his transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

  - He spoke to our first parents, to Noah, to patriarchs, to Moses on Mount Sinai, to prophets and many others.

   - He has shown his works over the course of the centuries and miracles, confirmed by the history of Ancient Testament and New Testament, are facts that prove the action and existence of God.

  C. There are six true sentences and two false. Click on the number of the true ones

 • There are three ways through which a being can be manifested

 •A person can appear, speak and act

 •God showed as a man and as God

 •Jesus only showed his humanity in his transfiguration

 • God spoke to our first parents, patriarchs and prophets

 •Jesus showed his divinity in his working life

 •The works of God are narrated in Ancient and New Testament

 •Miracles are works that only God can make

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