9. The consent of all peoples

  1. The astonishment of a disbeliever

   In a meeting with many people, there was one boasting not to have any faith, and said out loud to be against the existence of God. As everyone was silent, he said:

    - I would not have thought to be the only one not believing in God, among so many intelligent people. The lady of the house replayed:

    - You are wrong Sr.; you are not the only one: my horses, my dog and my cat share with you that honour, except that these good animals have the talent of not bragging about it.

(Painting: Retrato alegórico de Dante. Anónimo italiano. Galería Nacional de Arte. Washington)

  A. Chose the right answer: faith, hope, charity, looked, existed, was, talking, disturbing, silent, principal, only one, prominent, cat, canary, cock, silence, speak or boast

 1. Only one said not to have:

 2. This man said that God did not:

 3. The rest of men remained:

 4. The man was wrong because he was not the:

 5. There were animals not believers such as horses, the dog and the:

 6. These animals did not want to:

  2. The creation of the entire human race

   Along the history some peoples were wrong about the nature of God: some of them worshiped the sun, others the moon, mountains or an animal. On other occasions built idols giving them their own good or bad qualities; but all of them recognized the existence of a divinity to worship. Churches, altars, slaughtering locations were built, both by ancient peoples and modern ones too. Plutarch, an ancient historian said:

    - Take a look at the surface of the earth and you will find cities without walls, letters, magistrates; peoples without houses or currency; but nobody has ever seen a people without God, priests, rituals, sacrifices.

    A contemporary wise man called Quatrefages has written:

    I have looked for atheism or the lack of belief in God among human races, from the most inferiors to the highest ones. Atheism does not exist in anywhere, and all men upon the earth, savages of America and black people from Africa, believe in the existence of God.

(Painting: El jardín de Edén. Anónimo de Alemania. Museo de Frankfurt).

  B. Chose the right answer in brackets: idols, God, divinity, moon, star, galaxy, stars, idols, churches, Quatrefages, Plato, Plutarch, atheism, fervour, worship, France, Hungary or Africa

 1. They are wrong about the nature of:

 2. They worshiped the sun and the:

 3. They have given qualities to:

 4. Who was an ancient historian?

 5. In nowhere there is:

 6. In God American people believes and so:

  3. The belief of all peoples

   The origin for all the people to be believers is in God himself, because he himself was made known to our first parents and through the wonders of universe, which proves the existence of God, as a watch proves the existence of a watchmaker.

    Every cultivated or barbaric people in everywhere and all times, has admitted the existence of a supreme being. On the other hand, it is impossible that everybody has been wrong about such an important matter and so much resistant to passions.

(Painting: Creación de los animales. MASTER, Beltran. Kunsthalle. Hamburgo) 

  C. Chose one of these answers: habitants, men, parents, universe, circus, films, artist, watchmaker, idol, believers, atheits, skeptical, big, wise, supreme, forgotten, wrong or right

 1. He made known to our first:

 2. We know God due to the wonder of:

 3. A watch demands to be a/an:

 4. All peoples are:

 5. It is admitted the existence of a being:

 6. It is impossible for everybody to have:


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