7. The existence of man

  1. Who has created man?

   Men can count the years we have and celebrate our birthday with family and friends. But every one of us has not existed from all eternity; at one point we came into existence. I can wonder:

    - Who gives me my life? Do I have been myself? Perhaps my parents? An invisible being of creation? Is it a creator?

    a) I have not given my life by myself. Before I came into existence, I did not have being, I was nothing and the void does not produce anything.

    b) My parents cannot give my life by themselves. The body is given to us by means of them, but soul, simple and spiritual as it is, cannot come from parents bodies, because in this case it would be corporal; nor from their soul, because it is indivisible; nor from their creative power, because they cannot create.

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  A. Answer writing a, b or c. (If the letter takes the red a correct answer)

  1. Men celebrate:

    a. a. our birthday
    b. victories
    c. successes

  2. At one point:

    a. they wish to know
    b. they have come into existence
    c. they can understand

 3. I have not given life:

    a. just to me
    b. luckly
    c. by myself

 4. We have our body by means of:

    a. our grandparents
    b. our parents
    c. our uncles

 5. Soul is:

    a. simple and spiritual
    b. simple and corporal
    c. complex and material

 6. Who has given our soul?

    a. our parents
    b. by chance
    c. God creator

  2. A creator spirit

   c) I do not owe my existence to any visible being of creation because I am intelligent and free and others beings (minerals, plants and animals) are inferior to me, due to not having intelligence. So they cannot create me.

    d) I owe my origin to a Creator Spirit. Where my soul has he been taken from?

    Neither does from another spirit, because spirit is simple and indivisible.

    The only one who can create is God, due to the fact that the act of creation is an act of sovereign power.

    Only God is the father of soul and spirits.

(Painting: Descanso en la huida a Egipto. PATENIER, Joaquim. Museo del Prado. Madrid)

  B. Answer choosing the : a, b, c.

  1. Every man is:

    a. powerful e infinite
    b. intelligent and free
    c. athletic and champion

  2. Minerals are:

    a. inferior to man
    b. similar to animals
    c. similar to plants

 3. Plants and animals do not have:

    a. memory and attention
    b. character and personality
    c. intelligence and freedom

 4. I owe my origin to an only:

    a. powerful wise man
    b. Creator Spirit
    c. material being

 5. From matter there cannot come:

    a. immortal soul
    b. intelligence
    c. memory and attention

 6. Soul only can be created by

    a. the Devil
    b. a ghost
    c. God Creator

  3. The existence of the free and intelligent man

   The existence of man is a decisive proof for the existence of God, because there is no effect without a cause capable of producing it. The man is a being who thinks, a reflexive and willing one, and who can only come from an intelligent and creative cause. Every man can say: I think, therefore I am, and so God exists.

 (Painting: Alegoría de abril. Triunfo de Venus. COSSA, Francesco del. Palacio Schifaroia. Ferraz)

  2. Choose a, b or c

  1. The existence of man is a:

    a. plain proof
    b. clear explanation
    c. decisive proof

  2. Man is a being that only:

    a. eats
    b. thinks, reflects and wants
    c. makes the fun and plays

 3. There is no effect without a:

    a. sufficient cause
    b. nice reward
    c. deserved reward

 4. Man:

    a. reflects and wants
    b. creates and makes things
    c. is powerfull and infinite

 5. Man is intelligent and:

    a. almighty
    b. infinite
    c. free

 6. I think, therefore:

    a. I am not
    b. I am and God exists
    c. I don’t know if God exists

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