3. The movement of the World

  1. Newton and Napoleon

   Newton’s genious discovered the laws of planetary motion.

    But it was neccesary a greater intelligence to set up these laws and to thrown to the space the innumerable number of planets and stars which constituted the Universe.

    In the island of St. Elena, Napoleon said to general Bertrand.:

    -“My victories make you believe in my genious; the Universe make me believe in God. What is the meaning of the most wonderful march-past compared with the movement of the celestial bodies?” 

(Painting: Retrato de Erasmo de Roterdam escribiendo. HOLBEIN, Hans, el Joven. Museo Basle.)

  A. Answer with one word

 The genious of ( ) discovers the laws of planetary motion.
 It was necessary a/an ( ) to set up these laws.
 There are ( ) worlds in the Universe.
 In the island of St. ( ) Napoleon spoke with general Bertrand.
 My ( ) make you believe in my genious.
 The ( ) make me believe in God.

  Movement of the Earth h

   Physical and mechanical laws confirm that matter can’t move by itself: a car can’t move without an engine, a sculpture can’t go down from its base and a stopped body can’t be moved only by itself, so it is necessary an engine to produce a certain motion.

    The Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the stars go through enormous orbits without crash with others. Earth is a big balloon with a circumference of forty thousand kilometres and makes a rotation around itself every day. In a year, it makes a rotation around the sun at a speed of thirty kilometres per second. All the planets make movements similar to Earth ones.

    We can also see that in winds, rivers and in the plant growth appear evidences of movement.

(Painting: Creación de Adán. MIGUEL ÁNGEL Bounarroti. Capilla Sixtina. Vaticano)

  B. Answer with one word

 Matter ( ) move by its own.
 A ( ) can’t move without an engine.
 Stars ( ) through enormous orbits without crash.
 Earth makes a ( ) around itself every day.
 Earth makes a ( ) around the Sun.
 All the planets make ( ) similar to Earth ones.

  3. The first engine

To produce movement an engine is needed. Some bodies can move others, as a cyclist moves a bike, but it is not possible an infinite number of engines which move between them, because an infinite number is so impossible as a walking stick moving by its own. It must be a first being who moves in the first place without being moved; that is, an immobile first engine. This first being, the first cause of movement is God, who is also called the first engine of the Universe.

(Painting: Huida a Egipto. SANO di Pietro. Pinacoteca vaticana. Roma)

  C. Answer with one word

 To produce a ( ) an engine is needed.
 Some bodies can ( ) others.
 It can’t be a ( ) number of engines.
 Is ( ) that a walking stick moves by its own.
 It must be a ( ) being who makes movement without an external force.
 God has the name of ( ) engine of the Universe.


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