1. The existence of God

  1. We don’t know the nature of God

    We can be sure of the existence of God as we are of the Sun and the Moon. However, we can’t see Him with our eyes because He hasn’t got a body and is pure spirit, but we have many evidences to understand His existence and perfections, specially through His works.

    When we see a picture we know that a painter painted it. When we see the Creation we understand that it must be a Creator. According to the First Vatican Council: “The only and one God, our Creator, can be known in true form through His creatures by means of the light of human reason”

(Painting: Retrato alegórico de Dante. Anónimo italiano. Galería Nacional de Arte. Washington)

  A. Answer with one word

 We know the existence of the Sun and the

 We can’t see God with our

 God hasn’t got body and is

 When we see a picture, we know that there is a

 We know of the existence of God because His works are

 We can understand thanks to the

  2. God is the basis for religion

   God is an eternal being (who has no beginning nor end) necessary and infinitely perfect. He reigns over everything with wisdom and love (Providence) That is the basis for religion, family, morality and society.

    Without God religion can’t exists.

    Moral laws won’t have authority if God didn’t create, with His sanctity, a distinction between good and evil. He, from His sacred authority, makes moral rule necessary, and with His perfect justice rewards good and punishes evil.

    Family and society cannot be conceived without laws, without the virtues of justice, charity... All these virtues have their origin in God.

(Painting: El jardín de Edén. Anónimo de Alemania. Museo de Frankfurt).

  B. Answer with one word

 God has no beginning nor

 He governs everything with wisdom and

 To govern with wisdom and love is the

 God has no begining nor end because he is

 God distingishes between good and

 He rewards good and evil is

  3. Evidences of the existence of God 

   We can distinguish between three different evidences of God’s existence: physical, moral and metaphysical ones.

    Physical proofs are deducted from the existence of the created beings, their species and their life.

    Moral proofs are based on our conscience and the testimony of men throughout History.

    Metaphysical proofs can be obtained by means of our intelligence.

    Proofs are established in the principle of “no effect without cause”. These idea means that when there is something done, somebody do it.

(Painting: Creación de los animales. MASTER, Beltran. Kunsthalle. Hamburgo) 

  C. Answer with one word

 How many evidences of the existence of God are?

 The existence of different beings is a proof of the following type:

 Our conscience is a proof of the following type:

 By our intelligence we obtained the following evidence:

 There is no effect without

 If there is something done, someone has to


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