7. God is Creator
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  1. God is Creator

   Watching mountains, plants, animals and men, we understand that someone has made all of that, just like a table has been made by a carpenter. So he who has made the Universe is God.

   To create is to make something out of nothing, without using any material. A carpenter makes the table, but using wood and his hand tools. Only God is Creator because he can make everything because he is omnipotent. Although men gathered to make a great effort, they would not be able to create a grain of sand.

    2. Commentary

    JOHN: When I gaze at so big mountains, my thought brings me to God, because all that has not been made by itself.

    MARY: The same happens to me when I see all kind of plants and flowers. They are so beautiful that it seems to be impossible for them to be born and to grow up on their own.

    JOHN: Men can make things, but taking other things. We make cars taking iron and other metals and make books taking paper.

    MARY: But making mountains out of nothing, without using anything previous is a miracle.

  A) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose one of these letters: a, b, c. 

  1. Who has made the plants and the animals?

    a. men
    b. God
    c. angels


  2. Tables and chairs has been made by:

    a. carpenter
    b. God
    c. angels


 3. The wood to make tables get out of:

    a. mountains
    b. animals
    c. trees


 4. God makes things out of:

    a. nothing
    b. wood
    c. iron


 5. God is Creator because he is:

    a. witty
    b. hard-working
    c. omnipotent


 6. A grain of sand cannot be made by:

    a. God
    b. men
    c. the Almighty


  3. Providence

   God rules the world with his wisdom and power. He governs the entire universe, with its planets, stars, satellites and other celestial bodies. He manages civil society, nations, families and the Church. He runs events and nothing happens without his order or permission. This government which God exerts over the world is called Providence. It is the care God has of every creature.

    And this only can be done by God who is wise, omnipotent, good and fair. He is wise because has given a special purpose and appropriate features to everything. He is omnipotent because can do anything. He is good because loves all his creatures and take care of them in a convenient way. He is fair because God can reward or punish men and angels according to their works.

    4. Commentary

    MARY: I do not understand how God can take care of everything. Perhaps it is because He can do everything and He is omnipotent and almighty.

     JOHN: I understand that God rules the Church because it is a religious society, but it is more difficult for Him to run the civil society too.

     MARY: I reckon that He as being almighty takes care of civil society in the same way as do of religious society or Church.

    JOHN: But God is fair too and can reward or punish men and angels.

  B) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose the right answer: a, b, c.

  1. God rules the world with his wisdom and:

    a. power
    b. imagination
    c. fantasy


  2. God’s government over the world is called:

    a. Justice
    b. Goodness
    c. Providence


 3. God knows and understands everything. Because He is:

    a. fair
    b. wise
    c. omnipotent


 4. God can do everything because He is:

    a. omnipotent
    b. wise
    c. good


 5. He loves everything because He is:

    a. fair
    b. wise
    c. good


 6. He can reward or punish men because He is:

    a. wise
    b. fair
    c. good


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