8. Moral evil

  1. Moral evil

   Man has committed and commits a lot of evil works: robbing, killing, disobeying, speaking badly of others, missing Mass on Sundays and others.

   God is not the cause of these evils or sins and rejects them. But God permits all of that because gave men freedom and respects everything they do. Freedom comes from God, but its abuse comes from man.

    God calls all men to get them to heaven. But men have to respond voluntarily and freely with good works. God does not want machines, leaded by an irresistible strength. Then their works would not have merit and they would not gain Heaven.

    2. Commentary

    MARY: Watching the TV we are aware of many bad things which are committed by men. So I wonder: Could not God prevent all that?

    JOHN: Of course not. God has made men free and so they can do the good or the evil.

    MARY: Would not be better that God took off freedom to men?

    JOHN: Neither. If men were a machine without freedom they would not have any merit to go to Heaven. But God wants men to serve Him voluntarily and freely to be able to save themselves.

  A) COMPRENSION TEST. Choose one of these letters: a, b, c. (If the letter turns out in red colour, the answer is correct)

  1. Men do good works such as:

    a. going to mass on Sundays
    b. stealing
    c. disobeying

  2. God rejects:

    a. study
    b. obedience
    c. sin or moral evil

 3. Men sin because have:

    a. intelligence
    b. freedom
    c. memory

 4. God wants all men to go to:

    a. purgatory
    b. hell
    c. Heaven

 5. God does not want men to be:

    a. machines
    b. free
    c. voluntary

 6. If men do what is right freely they have:

    a. blame
    b. merit
    c. sin

  3. Duties towards Providence

   Providence is the God’s loving care for every creature, specially men. Hence four duties are born:

    1. Humbly accepting all regulations God establishes for us: our family, home, friends, etc.

   2. Thanks giving God for all goods He gives us and using them for our salvation.

   3. Welcoming with patient evils and difficulties He sends us and being convinced that, coming from a good Father, it has to be for our sake.

   4. Placing in his hands trustingly all of our needs.

    4. Commentary

    JOHN: It is wonderful that God take care lovingly of all men.

    MARY: Because of that we must accept willingly everything He orders us, good or less good.

     JOHN: But I find it hard to accept with good grace the difficulties and bad things that happen to me.

    MARY: But that is the way to serve God freely and to make merits to heaven.

  B) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose the right answer: a, b, c.

  1. The God’s loving care for his creatures is:

    a. Incarnation
    b. Providence
    c. Creation

  2. How must we accept the orders of God?

    a. humbly
    b. proudly
    c. scowling

 3. About things God gives us we have to give back:

    a. upsets
    b. money
    c. thanks

 4. What God gives us is always:

    a. for better
    b. for worse
    c. to punish

 5. We must accept the difficulties with:

    a. annoyance
    b. joy
    c. tantrums

 6. We have to place everything in his hands with:

    a. annoyance
    b. tantrums
    c. confidence

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