1. Fundamentals

  1. Objectives

      MARÍA: Hi! I am Maria. I am seven years old. My brother’s name is Juan and he is nine years old. We love to chat and to talk about different matters.

    JUAN: We are trying to talk about interesting matters to have a better understanding of our world and to provide some clarity to our problems.

    MARÍA: What happens to us is that we are frequently distracted by ideas which are far from the original matter.

    JUAN: It would be necessary to ask ourselves some questions to focus on.

    MARÍA: I have an idea! We can answer a number of questions to help us focusing better without beating around the bush.

    JUAN: I am agree with you. We can call it “comprehension test”, and it would be a series of questions. Maybe they would be six, with a right answer and two false options.

  A) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose the right answer: a, b, c.

  1. Who are the names of the two brothers?

    a. Juan and Isabel
    b. Sebas and María
    c. Juan and María

  2. What likes to both of them?

    a. To talk about different matters
    b. To fight and argue
    c. To lose their time chatting

 3. What they try to do?

    a. To solve social problems
    b. To obtain a better understanding of their world
    c. To amuse the other

 4. What happened to them?

    a. They were frequently distracted from the main topic
    b. They were very concentrated on the matters
    c. They like to change one topic for another in the middle of a talk

 5. To improve their attention they

    a. don’t do nothing
    b. speak of what they want
    c. answer a series of questions

 6. How they called these questions?

    a. Questions and answers
    b. Comprehension test
    c. Evaluation test

  2. A need of texts

    MARÍA: Our problem is that we haven´t got interesting topics and we waste our time.

    JUAN: It is not true! We must talk about topics which worried us and try to find an answer

    MARÍA: OK, but, in the long term, we have not enough topics.

    JUAN: Yes, but what can we do?

    MARÍA: There is a book of anecdotes in the library. Maybe we could choose one of them every day to analyse and understand its problems and give our opinion.

    JUAN: Not only to give our opinion but to give some new answers to the problems.

    MARÍA: I’m agree, it’s a good idea. The next day we’ll search for an anecdote.

  B) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose the right answer: a, b, c.  

  1. Juan and María have a problem:

    a. they have too many topics
    b. they haven’t got topics to discuss about
    c. they can’t focus on anything

  Who suggests talking about topics that worried them?

    a. Juan
    b. María
    c. Isabel

 3. In the long term, they’ll have

    a. too many topics
    b. frivolous topics
    c. without interesting topics

 4. What they found in the library?

    a. an anecdotes’ book
    b. a novel
    c. a poetry book

 5. Every day, they choose

    a. a tale
    b. an anecdote
    c. a short story

 6. As well as give their opinion, they could

    a. understand the problems
    b. write an anecdote
    c. solve some problems

  3. Rules for a better discuss

   JUAN: One of our problems is when one of us insists in having the reason and doesn’t leave to talk the others.

    MARÍA: Yes, I know these frequently happen to adults when they are talking about football.

    JUAN: Maybe we must have some rules for a better discuss.

    MARÍA: The first rule will be to speak clear and to listen the others carefully.

    JUAN: And to respect the others, although we will have different ideas. We must respect everyone although we are not agree with their arguments.

    MARÍA: When someone says something prudent, we must give new reasons.

    JUAN: It sounds good. We will do it.

  C) COMPREHENSION TEST. Choose the right answer: a, b, c.

  1. It is negative if you

    a. insists on having the reason
    b. leave to talk the others
    c. is respectful with

  2. Adults want to have reason in

    a. tennis
    b. basketball
    c. football

 3. Rules are good to

    a. have always the reason
    b. discuss in a good mood and don’t be angry
    c. impose your own ideas to others

 4. It is very important to

    a. think only in yourself
    b. interrupts other’s arguments
    c. listen others carefully

 5. What is necessary?

    a. respect between all of us
    b. violent arguments
    c. mutual indifference


 6. We must support the other when

    a. shouts a lot
    b. says something intelligent
    c. is stronger than us

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