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1. In a kiosk I bought a comic for 90 Euro cents and a bag of seeds for 80 Euro cents.

How much did I pay?

a) 170 céntimos.

b) 10 céntimos.

c) 100 céntimos


2. Guadalupe had 5 butterflies and one day she set free 2 butterflies.

How many butterflies does she have now?

a) 7 butterflies.

b) 3 butterflies.

c) 4 butterflies.

3. Peter has 6 marbles and Santi has 7 marbles more than Peter.

How many marbles does Santi have?

a) 13 marbles.

b) 1 marble.

c) 20 marbles.


4. Andrew had 7 marbles and won 7 marbles when he was playing with his friends.

How many marble does he have now?

a) 0 marble.

b) 14 marbles.

c) 8 marbles.

5. Maria has 5 records at home; Luisa has 7 and Maribel has 6.

How many records are there between the three?

a) 18 records.

b) 10 records.

c) 20 records.

6. A gardener planted 4 trees in a corner of the garden and 4 in another corner. At the end, 2 trees died.

How many trees are there in the garden?

a) 10 trees.

b) 1 tree.

c) 6 trees.

7. When I went out to the recess, I had 4 marbles. I won 2 marbles in the game and then I lost 3 marbles.

How many marbles do I have at the end of the recess?

a) 6 marbles.

b) 9 marbles.

c) 3 marbles.

8. Mr. Felipe had 11 records in his store; he brought 10 records from the warehouse and sold 7.

How many records does he have in the store now?

a) 14 records.

b) 21 records.

c) 18 records.

9. I bought 15 meters of electric cable to make an installation. First I used 7 meters and then 1 meter.

How many meters of electric cable do I have now?

a) 8 metros.

b) 23 metros.

c) 7 metros. 

10. 8 people travel in a bus. If 7 people get off the bus and then 9 people get on.

How many people are there on the bus?

a) 24 personas.

b) 9 personas.

c) 10 personas.

11. If Julian fished three fishes and threw 2 of them in the river because they were small.

How many fishes does he have?

a) 2 fishes.

b) 1 fish.

c) 5 fishes.

12. Yesterday I walked three kilometers in the morning and 3 kilometers in the afternoon.

How many kilometers did I walk?

a) 7 kilometers.

b) 8 kilometers.

c) 6 kilometers.

13. Montse collected stamps. Some day, she bought 7 stamps. If she give 6 stamps to her friend Luisa,

How many stamps does she have?

a) 13 stamps.

b) 1 stamp.

c) 8 stamps.

1 4. My grandma gave me 7 stamps for my Collection. If I already had 8 stamps,

How many stamps do I have now?

a) 1 stamp.

b) 6 stamps.

c) 15 stamps.

15. There are 7 children in a movie. 6 children go out and then 2 children go in.

How many children do you think there are?

a) 11 children.

b) 3 children.

c) 15 children.

16. Antonio has 3 marbles, Juan José has 3 and Paco has 4.

How many marbles are there in total?

a) 2 marbles.

b) 10 marbles.

c) 8 marbles.

 17. There were 8 cookies in a box. First I ate 3 cookies and then I ate 1.

How many cookies do I have?

a) 4 cookies.

b) 2 cookies.

c) 12 cookies.

18. Paco had 10 Euros and his father gave him 7 Euros. He bought a book that cost 9 Euros.

How much money does he have?

a) 17 Euros.

b) 8 Euros.

c) 12 Euros.

 19. 11 passengers travel in a helicopter. 7 passengers get in at the airport and 11 passengers get out.

How many people are there in the helicopter?

a) 8 pasajeros.

b) 7 pasajeros.

c) 29 pasajeros.

20. Juana has 7 Euros. His mother gives her 7 Euros and she spends 11 Euros on school material.

How much money does she have?

a) 3 Euros.

b) 4 Euros.

c) 25 Euros.

21. Ana Victoria had 6 chocolates and she ate 4 of them in the morning.

How many chocolates does she have?

a) 10 chocolates.

b) 5 chocolates.

c) 2 chocolates.

22. Pilar has a collection of 5 dolls. She has given four dolls.

How many dolls does Pilar have?

a) 6 dolls.

b) 1 doll.

c) 9 dolls.

23. I had 8 balls. When I played I lost 7 balls.

How many balls do I have?

a) 15 balls.

b) 9 balls.

c) 1 ball.

24. There were 11 liters of water in a bucket and we have taken out 10 liters.

How many liters do we have?

a) 21 litros.

b) 1 litro.

c) 6 litros.

25. Isabel had 2 books on her bookcase. She received four books on her birthday and lent 2 books to her friends.

How many books does she have now?

a) 8 books.

b) 6 books.

c) 4 books.

26. I had 9 canaries in a cage. I sold 2 canaries and 2 of them escaped.

How many canaries do I have now?

a) 5 canaries.

b) 13 canaries.

c) 8 canaries.

27. There were 4 planes on the runway. 3 of them depart and 6 other planes arrive.

How many planes are there on the runway?

a) 8 planes.

b) 7 planes.

c) 13 planes.

28. A school bus transports 10 children. At the first stop 9 children go down and other 11 children go up.

How many children are there on the bus now?

a) 19 19 children.

b) 10 19 children.

c) 12 19 children.

29. My mom has spent 10 Euros in apples, 7 in bananas and 10 in oranges.

How many Euros did I spend?

a) 27 Euros.

b) 17 Euros.

c) 26 Euros.

30. Augustine has 12 Euros in his pocket. He spent 2 Euros in sweets and 4 in pipes.

How much money does he have?

a) 5 Euros.

b) 6 Euros.

c) 18 Euros.

31. There were 2 books in the library of my house. For my birthday, I received 3 books.

How many books do I have now?

a) 1 book.

b) 6 books.

c) 5 books.

32. Jesus has 4 trading cards and Juan José has 6.

How many trading cards are there altogether?

a) 10 cards.

b) 7 cards.

c) 2 cards.

33. I have 9 candies in my closet and I give 7 to my friends.

How many candies do I have now?

a) 16 candies.

b) 8 candies.

c) 2 candies.

34. Guadalupe has a collection of stamps. First, she bought 10 stamps in a store and then she bought 11 in another store.

How many stamps does she have altogether?

a) 21 stamps.

b) 15 stamps.

c) 1 stamp.

35. There are 6 people in a movie theater. 6 more people come in and then 3 people come out.

How many people are left in the movie theater?

a) 15 people.

b) 12 people.

c) 9 people.

36. There are 5 children in the movie theater. 3 of them come out and then 6 children come in.

How many children are there in the movie theater finally?

a) 14 children.

b) 8 children.

c) 7 children.

37. Luis has 5 marbles, Ricardo has 6 and Rafael has also 6.

How many marbles are there altogether?

a) 12 marbles.

b) 17 marbles.

c) 11 marbles.

38. In a circus, there were 9 elephants, 8 Tigers and 6 monkeys.

How many animals were there in the circus?

a) 17 animals.

b) 14 animals.

c) 23 animals.

39. Andrés had 7 euros and his father gave him 11. He bought a book that cost 11 euros.

How much money does he have left?

a) 29 euros.

b) 7 euros.

c) 8 euros.

40. 6 passengers traveled in a commercial plane. At the airport 8 people went aboard and 5 went down.

How many people are there on the plane?

a) 8 passengers.

b) 9 passengers.

c) 19 passengers.

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