9. Patience
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  First Part

    I have to tell you that you have no patience. You resist very little and get angry when things do not go as you want or when you wish. You react immediately blaming everybody else. I understand you. You are young, little pensive and without a strong will.

    Besides, in current society, men are obsessed with immediate results; with resolving problems quickly; with rejecting what entails any effort; with looking crazily for every bit of pleasure. In such hastiness society there is no environment to patience.

    Despite that, I want you to assure that you can achieve the virtue of patience, but trying to be already patient with me, your Computer.

    First of all, I will tell you that patience does not mean to remain indifferent, shrug one’s shoulders, resigning to let the events flow.

  A. Choose one of these answers: attention, patience, soon, late, to yourself, to others, immediate, long-term, pleasure or effort.

 Man does not usually pay/have:  
 In general, you resist little and get angry:
 Sometimes you blame ( ) for everything:
 Men are obsessed with the ( ) results:  
 The ( ) is usually rejected:
 The ( ) is searched above all:

  Second Part

    Do you want to continue?

    Patience means to support serenely inconveniences we experience before difficulties to overcome, or before the delayed of the expected good.

    The person with patience:

    - Resist. - Serenely. - Difficulties.

    Strength, perseverance and especially serenity go hand in hand with patience.

    You must keep in mind that facing any objective you have made to fulfill, or before the simple fact of living, there will be opposition and difficulties. You must know too that good things take time and even if you are in a hurry time runs its likely course.

    Against all that, people usually react with impatience, nerves, passion, irritation, recklessness, hurry.

    People with patience react with serenity, calm, endurance, reflection. They accept the annoyances they feel, and, at the same time, look for reasons to give them sense, and deal with the way to overcome them.

    People with patience take into account that you can always hope and it is worth waiting for. Besides they preserve the intention of overcome the annoyances which may arise.

  B. Choose the right answer in brackets: obedience, patience, support, get nervous, facilities, difficulties, time, hurry, restlessness, serenity, hope, rush.

 Supporting with serenity the annoyances due to difficulties is:

 People with patience:
 Strength, perseverance and serenity go hand in hand with:
 Facing any objective to achieve, there will be:
 To achieve aims and objectives you need:
 Facing annoyances or the delayed of achieve something, you must have:
 People with patience understand that they must:

  Third Part

   The motives or reasons people have to be patient consist on realizing that their current annoyances will serve to some good for themselves or for others. If they are believers too, the main motive is the conformity with God’s will, He who knows better what is convenient.


    * Taking into account that sooner or later setbacks will appear.

    * Assuming them looking for reasons, that there will always be.

    * Do not blame anyone for what happens to you.

    * Turning to him who can give you reasons.

    * Noticing that urgent matters can wait, and the most urgent ones must wait.

    * Whoever does not recognize limits in their possibilities, expects to go too far or too fast. And then, when they do not reach it, get exasperated.

    Original text by don Samuel Valero.

  C. Choose one of these answers: God, men, facilities, difficulties, reasons, excuses, blame, luck, be done quickly, wait, limits or wishes.

 The first motive of patient is to accept the will of:  
 You have to know that we will always come across:  
 We can accept setbacks looking for:  
 You must not assign to others:  
 Urgent matters and the most urgent ones must:  
 For not aiming too high, you have to know your own:  

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