7. Persistence
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  First Part

    Frequently, people make resolutions, commit to do something or engage with someone. I, your Computer, am not able to do anything of that. I work routinely, without any sense, stubbornly, obstinately, without any ability to rectify. I cannot take decisions by my own. We are always as usual. You are persons, not I.

    Your ability to make resolutions in order to improve, to acquire commitments, to take decisions, is amazing; but all that would go up in smoke if there would be no persistence. It would be like fleeting glimpses of such a sublime gift as wanting and understanding.

    The more elemental persistence consists in standing by our decisions. But only if it is a good decision, because if it is bad, what it is reasonable is to reject it.

  A. Choose one of these words: true, false, persistence, serenity, fire or smoke.

 People can make resolutions:  
 Computer makes resolutions too:
 People have the ability to rectify:
 Computer is unable to rectify:  
 Computer can engage with someone:
 In order to improve and fulfill commitments it is necessary:
 If there is no persistence, decisions go up in:

  Second Part

    Do we go on giving more details?

    Persistent people put in practice whatever is necessary to implement what they have been decided.

    We can differentiate about persistence:

    - The decision taken

    - The means to implement it.

    It is easy to take decisions.

    What is difficult is to fulfill them. We get tired. Unforeseen difficulties arise. Our first illusion is extinguished. Long term goals make us discouraged. All those are the enemies of persistence: some are inside us, and others harass us from outside.

    To start to live this virtue, we need to take into account these difficulties. Do not be surprised by them. Knowing them, you will be able to fight better. But I warn you will have to take fortitude, the willpower.

  B. Click on one of this words: interests, means, easy, difficult, internal, external, facilities, difficulties, fortitude or happiness.

 Besides decision you have to count on:

 Taking decisions is:
 Fulfilling decisions is:
 Being tired is an ( ) difficulty:
 Unforeseen difficulty is:
 The first illusion is:
 To live the constancy you have to know the:
 To be persistent you have to take:

  Third Part


    * It is very convenient that let the right people know of your intentions, so that they guide you and give you advice.

    * You must be quite clear about the content of your decisions, so that you know for certain the means to use.

    * You need to see with evidence that the means to use are appropriate and proportionate to the expected success.

    * In order to avoid the discouragement, facing the distance in time for reaching your aim, you must fix intermediary milestones, closer and immediate targets.

    * In the event of possible breakdown of persistence, you must remember that you are betraying yourself, and must reflect about your dignity.

    * Remember frequently the aims you have made.

    I am sure that you do not want to be a weather-vane unceasingly revolving, a fickle person always inconstant. Do you?

    Original text by don Samuel Valero.

  C. Choose the right answer: guide, distraction, means, commitments, fair, proportionate, intermediary, final, courage, dignity, remember, comment, tower, weather-vane.

 It is a good thing to tell your decisions to the right person for:  
 Your must be clear about decisions and:  
 Means have to be appropriate and:  
 In order not to fall in discouragement, you must propose (_________) targets:  
 In the event of possible breakdown of persistence, you must reflect about your:  
 The aims you have made must be something to:  
 An inconstant person is like a:  

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