6. Fortitude
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  First Part

    I, your Computer, such a weak machine, without powerful shovels, nor heavy wheels, nor tearing hooks, I, made of minute printed circuits, what can I tell you about strength? It is better that one of this enormous tanks tells you. Yet, I believe I was able to manage the most powerful machine if I got a program installed and planned for that. My strength is not base on appearances.

    You are having a deep understanding what I mean. I am speaking of the fortitude human person can have due to be a person; of fortitude which is enclosed in their head and heart.

    At the moment, I tell you that fortitude in human being depends on two things: on their ideals and their decision to realize them. Not all ideals become reality; but every great reality started by a youth ideal. Remember History. When you have great ideals, fortitude arises as an engine that drives you to perform them. A man without ideals is a cripple, living under anesthesia.

  A. Choose one of these answers: shovels, hooks, circuits, strong, weak, athletic, fortitude, weakness, wealth, intelligence, decisión, body, childish, youthful, mature, engine, wheel, brake, hero, sportsman or cripple.

 A computer is made of:  
 A computer with a good program can be:
 In the head and heart of a person is their:
 The fortitude of a human being depends on their ideals and their:  
 The great ideals started in a __________ ideal:
 When you have ideals, fortitude arises as a/an:
 A man without ideal is a:  

  Second Part

    Do you want to know something else about fortitude?

    Fortitude means “to resist”, not giving in to bad influences, supporting annoyances, devoting yourself with courage to “win” difficulties and “undertake” great business.

    Fortitude, in short, is having willpower to do what should be done in every moment.

    Remember these words:

    Resist. Win. Undertake.

    We are influenced by our own tendencies (laziness, vanity, envy, rage, lust, gluttony, cravings) and external influences (fashion, consumerism, ideologies). We must resist against all of that. We have to refuse to be plasticine, manipulated by wrong hands or our own instincts.

    We must beat strongly the bad tendencies and impulses. Al least, fight to win without getting discouraged by defeats. Fortitude means frequently to make a new start.

    This is the greatest business we can undertake at a youth age and necessary to greater things, if the time arrives to undertake them. The perfection of your own person is already a sufficient aim worth fighting for.

  B.Choose some of these words: undertake, win, resist, imagination, will, internal, external, start, finish, great or small.

 Not giving in to bad influences is to:

 Devote yourself with courage over difficulties is to:
 Searching great business is to:
 Fortitude means having strength of:
 Consumerism is a bad _________ influence:
 Laziness is a _______ influence:
 Craving is a _______ influence:
 Fashion is a _______ influence:
 Fortitude means, frequently, to make a new:
 You can develop fortitude doing well the ______ things:

  Third Part

   To start developing fortitude I invite you to:

    * Not complaining about work, any little pain or setbacks. Being silent is a good exercise of fortitude.

    * Not bearing the duties that are yours but give them to parents or others. Do them yourself.

    * Do not flee from effort. Face it and accept it.

* Schedule your daily duties and submit to it.

    * Fight against your bad tendencies, without getting discouraged.

    * Propose yourself aims to be achieved that improve your life.

    Do not forget that fortitude is the motor of the others virtues.

    A comfortable life, without temperance, nor effort, neither fight ends up in a useless life, manipulated clay for evil.

    Original text by don Samuel Valero

  C. Choose one of these answers: complain, bear, be silent, speak, wishes, duties, effort, rest, schedule, list, sensations, tendencies, prudence, fortitude, useless or rich.

 Facing work and pain you must:  
 If setbacks appear it is best to:  
 Fulfilling your own:  
 Accepting and facing your own:  
 Make a _______ for your daily duties:  
 You have to fight against bad:  
 The motor of other virtues is:  
 A comfortable life, without any effort ends up being a ______ life:  

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