5. Loyalty
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Write the missing word

  1. First part

    I, your Computer, do not have the ability to “betray” you. I would be a traitor if failed to honor commitment to offer data you are asking me for. If I ever fail, do not call me “traitor”; consult a computer technician. I am only a machine without soul or feelings.

    There is no treachery in my mind nor loyalty, the opposite virtue. Loyalty is something belonging to loyal persons as you surely are.

    It is not easy to explain what loyalty is. I have already given you a vague idea, when I told you treachery to be the opposite. But, even difficult as it is, I will try. Can you help me?

    Over the life people go into partnership, join other persons, groups, institutions. When we say we “belong” to such family, club, school, etc., we want to express this: that we have become linked in one way or another to a particular group.

    You have already notice that the words “link” “became linked”, “belong to...” repeat. This is crucial to loyalty. It is not necessary that this link is shown with words or writings. Normally, neither sons nor friends make belonging declarations. Friendship and family have implicit links, perfectly understood, and it is enough.

  A. There are five true sentences and three false. Click on the number of the true ones.


 • A computer may be a traitor


 • A computer is a machine without soul or feelings


 • Loyalty is the virtue opposite to treachery


 • People join other persons, groups or institutions


 • Joining together is different from being linked


 • If we belong to a family or a club we are linked to that.


 • Being linked has to be shown with words or writings


 • Links of friendship or family are perfectly understood.

  2. Second part

   Therefore, loyalty means committing to keep links we have contracted with the others (friends, family members, school mates, club members, etc.) reinforcing and protecting their values (friendship, family, sport, etc.)

   Another way, shorter and clearer, would be: to keep and accomplish the given word.

    To summing up, a loyal person keeps hold on that group or people who has been linked with. And so they are when protect, support and defend values (of friendship, sportive, familiar, religious, etc.) which the institution with they have been linked promotes.

If at any given time, a conflict arises, that is to say, it is impossible to be loyal at the same time with a friend and a club, for instance, loyalty has to lead us to decide, according to the more relevance of values from institutions in conflict. Once the decision has been taken, we must explain to the party that may feel betrayed, the reasons for our decision. This fulfills the saying, “forewarned is forearmed”.

  B. There are five true sentences and three false. Mark the numbers of the true ones.


 • Loyalty means committing to keep links we have contracted.


 • The values of friendship, family or group are not taken into account.


 • Loyalty means keeping and accomplish the given word


 • A disloyal person keeps hold on the group they are linked


 • A loyal person protects, supports and defends the values or their group


 • Where there is any doubt, you must decide in favor of the highest values.


 • Needless to explain anybody the decision has been taken


 • It fulfills the saying, “forewarned is forearmed”.

  3. Third part

   You will be educated in loyalty:

* Developing the sense of honor in yourself.

   * Taking into account the dignity of others.

   * Acting with responsibility.

   * Being constant and faithful in the fulfillment of your duties.

  * Not cheating in games.

   * Heartily accepting the norms of the institution you has became linked.

  A loyal person ensures the stability and good performance of institutions.

   Original text by don Samuel Valero.

  C. There are five true sentences and two false. Click on the numbers of the true ones.


 • You are educated in loyalty developing the sense of honor

   •Taking into account the dignity of others
   •Acting with responsibility
   •It is not necessary to fulfill every duty
   • You can cheat some times in games
   • Accepting the norms of the institution you has became linked
   •The loyal person ensures the stability of friendship

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