The Polar areas

   1. The Polar areas

   These places are the coldest and sparcely populated in Earth, but they have an strategic and scientific value.

   The climate on these regions is extremely cold, with maximum temperatures of less than 10 Celsius degrees. There are a complete day during six months, and a total night during the other six.

   2. Are these statements true or false?

These areas are densely populated

They have a scientific and strategic importance

Temperatures are not higher than 10 Celsius degrees

A day is six months long

    3. The Arctic

   The North Pole is situated in the middle of an iced ocean for the most part of the year. That ocean has an ice sheet which is 3.5 metres thick.

   Between the North Pole and the Arctic Circle are the Northern lands of Europe (Norway, Sweden and Finland), Asia (Siberia in Russia), the United States (Alaska) and the North of Canada. There are also many islands, being Greenland, which belongs o Denmark, the biggest of them.

   Ice covers almost all the region and vegetation is mainly tundra, covered by mosses and lichens.

   There is a wide variety of animals, like foxes, reindeers, white bears, seals, walruses and whales. The Artic Ocean is full of fish, with dominance of cod and herring. The land is sparsely populated and they are Lapps and Skimos.

    4. Antarctica

   Antarctica continent is 14.107.637 square kilometres long and it has not population due to its extreme weather conditions.

   The whole land is covered by a thick sheet of ice, which in certain points could be 4.000 metres deep.

   There are not vegetation, and the only animals are penguin and seals.

   In the sea we can found a small crustacean, called "krill", very rich in proteins. Whales come here to feed, and are massively captured.

   5. Choose if the following statements are refered to the Arctic or Arctic:

There is no population

Eskimos live here

The Pole is in an ocean

There are penguins

Reindeers live here

It is a continent

Greenland is here

"Krill" is very common here

Lapps live here

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