Southern Africa

South Africa



Population: 48.832.134 inhabitants
Area: 1.219.912 Km2
Coin: Rands
PIB: 11.110 $ per capita
Language: Afrikaan, English and nine African languages.
Official name: Republiek van Suid-Afrika.
Capital: Pretoria (administrative) 1.475.000 inhabitants; Ciudad del Cabo (legislative), 2.639.000 inhabitants; Bloemfontein (judicial), 364.000 inhabitants (1999).
Other cities: Johannesburgo 4.927.200 inhabitants; Durban 2.314.100; Port Elizabeth 1.029.400 (2000).
Government: Presidencialist
Religion: Christianism is the main religion (68%), including a few independent African churches. Traditional African practices (28%); Islam (2%).

Geography. It is a country placed in the South corner of the African continent, with a coast line at the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. It is divided into three natural areas: a narrow coastal line of lowlands, with warm climate, where sugar cane and vineyards are cultivated near the Cabo region; the large plateau of Veld, in the center, which constituted 40% of the land, and where huge farms – wheat and corn– and bovine and ovine ranches are placed; and at North West of Rand, the mines region, with great cities and factories. The exploitation of mineral resources is the basis of its economy; it is the world’s largest producer of gold and diamonds, the second of manganese and the eighth of coal.



Population: 2.102.140 inhabitants
Area: 824.290 Km2
Coin: Namibia dollar
PIB: 7.586 $ per capita
Language: English
Official name: Namibia.
Capital: Windhoek 237.000 inhabitants (2003).
Other cities: Rehoboth 33.800 inhabitants; Rundu 28.500; Swakopmund 28.300; Walvis Bay 24.500; Keetmanshoop 20.000 (2000).
Government: Presidencialist
Religion: there is not an official religion. Most of the population practices traditional African cults, although many others are Lutheran (51,2%) and from other Christian churches. Catholics are the 19,8%, and Anglicans the 5%.

Geography. Namibia is placed inside the desert zone of the Tropic of Capricorn. Namibia desert, near the coast, would be completely uninhabited if it was not for bid diamond mines in service. To the West, it shares the Kalahari desert with Botswana– which is a steppe, because it receives a few rains–. It is populated by shepperds and hunters. The population is concentrated in the North and in the central plateau, where rains are abundant. Coast fishing is very abundant, and, along with livestock farming, it was the basis of local economy until the mining boom, which started in the sixties. Now, it has important mines of copper, lead, zinc, cadmium and uranium



Population: 1.905.516 inhabitants

Area: 581.730 Km2

Coin: Pula

PIB: 12.388 $ per capita

Language: Setswana

Official name: Republic of Botswana.

Capital: Gaborone 199.000 inhabitants (2003).

Other cities: Francistown 101.700 inhabitants; Selebi-Phikwe 47.200 (2000).

Government: Presidencialist

Religion: Christianism

Geography: Botswana is a sparsely populated country in terms of its size. It is divided into three big areas: the Kalahari basin, a desert steppe which allowed grazing during certain periods; the Okavango basin, in the Northeast, where a great potential for agricultural development can be founded; and the Eastern fringe, where 80% of the population lives. Traditionally a sheperds’ land, the country recently started the exploitation of its resources (manganese, nickel and, mostly, diamonds).

   1. Write the correct country: South Africa, Namibia or Botswana:

With copper and lead mines

Traditionally a sheperds’ land

Producer of gold and diamonds

Its capital is Gaborone

The largest country

The most populated

The highest PIB

It has the Kalahari desert

A great producer of manganese

Sparsely populated

Its capital is Windhoek

Its capital is Pretoria

    2. Otros países de África Meridional:

Country Population Area, km2 Capital Coin Idioma
Lesotho 2.020.076 30.350 Maseru Maloti Sesohto and English
Swaziland 1.148.255 17.360 Mbabane Emalangeni English and Swazi

   3. Write the capitals of these countries:


South Africa


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