Central Africa



Population: 18.920.236 inhabitants

Area: 475.440 Km2

Coin: Franc CFA

PIB: 2.299 $ per capita

Language: French and English

Official name: République du Cameroun.

Capital: Yaounde 1.616.000 inhabitants (2003).

Other cities: Douala 1.409.200 inhabitants; Garoua Boulai 180.900; Ncongsamba 106.800 (2000).

Government: Parliamentary republic

Religion: Half of the population practise traditional African workships. Christians could be found in the South, and Muslims in the North.

  Geography. Camerun can be divided into three areas: Northern savannahs in Lake Chad basin, where cattle industry can be found and corn, cotton and peanuts are cultivated; the center, with moist savannahs; and the South, rich volcanic soils, where export crops– coffee, banana, cocoa, cotton– are placed.





Population: 17.499.407 inhabitants
Area: 1.246.700 Km2
Coin: Nueva kwanza
PIB: 2.335 $ per capita
Language: Portuguese
Name official: Peoples Republic of Angola.
Capital: Luanda 2.623.000 inhabitants (2003).
Other cities: Huambo (Nova Lisboa) 165.700 inhabitants; Lobito 133.100; Benguela 129.800 (2000).
Government: Presidencialist
Religion: Most of the people practise traditional African religions; over 38% are Catholics and 15% Protestants. There are also Afro-Christian syncretism.

   Geography. The country is divided in different areas: the coastal plains strip(over 150 km wide) is productive and dry. The indoor plateau, Western situated, are covered by tropical jungles in the North, savannah in the center and dry steppes in the South. In the most densely populated areas (North and Central-West), a wide variety of subsistence agriculture is practised. Coffee crops, the main exported product, are cultivated in the North; sisal in the Benguela and Huambo plateaus; and sugar cane and palm in the coast. Mineral resources are numerous: diamonds in Lunda, petroleum in Cabinda and Luanda, iron in Cassinga and Cassala. Lobito port is linked to the mines of Zaire and Zambia.

Congo, Democratic Republic




Population: 64.703.617 inhabitants
Area: 2.345.410 Km2
Area: 2.345.410 Km2
PIB: 1.262 $ per capita
Language: French
Official name: République Démocratique du Congo. (Antes llamado Zaire)
Capital: Kinshasa, 5.227.000 inhabitants (2003).
Other cities: Lubumbashi, 1.044.200 inhabitants; Mbuji-Mayi, 1.018.100 inhabitants; Kisangani, 792.400 inhabitants; Kananga 521.900 inhabitants (2000).
Government: Presidencialista
Religion: Catholics (41-50%), Protestants (32%). There are Islam minorities in the North. Muslims (1,2-10%).

Geography: The country is placed in the center of the continent. It fills part of the Congo Basin, and has a narrow exit into the Atlantic. The North and center of the country, covered by dense jungles, are sparsely populated. There are subsistence crops. In the South-East, the Shaba plateau rises over thousand metres high. The great mineral wealth is found here: copper, zinc, tin, gold, cobalt, uranium. Around the mines local industry is constituted. In Ituri, a small region in the East of the country, the largest gold mine, the Kilo Motu, is placed. It is also the center of an important petroleum exploration. Additionally, the East area of the country has more than a half of the world supply of coltan, used on mobile phones’ and computers’ chips, which is almost as expensive as gold. The South, covered by savannah, is very most of the population lives. It produces cotton, peanut, coffee, sugar cane, rubber and oil palm.


   1. Answer with the proper country: Cameroun, Angola or Congo R.D.

Big diamond production

Big coltan producer

It has volcanic soils

The capital is Luanda

The largest country

The most populated

The one with the highest PIB

The capital is Kinshasa

Limits with Lake Chad

It exports coffee

It is placed in the center of Africa

The capital is Yaounde

    2. Otros países de África Central:

Country Population/b> Area, km2 Capital Coin Language
Chad 11.087.698 1.284.000 N'Djamena CFA franc Arabic and French
Gabon 1.350.156 267.670 Libreville Franc G. French
Equatorial Guinea 519.697 28.050 Malabo CFA franc Spanish and French
Sao Tome and Príncipe 160.174 960 Sao Tome Dobra Portuguese
Central African Republic 4.424.292 622.980 Bangui CFA franc French

   3. Write the capitals of the following countries:



Congo R.D.

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