Eastern Africa



Population: 13.481.234 inhabitants

Area: 390.760 Km2

Coin: Zimbabwe dollar

PIB: 2.038 $ per capita

Language: English

Name official: Republic of Zimbabwe.

Capital: Harare (ex Salisbury) 1.600.000 inhabitants (2006).

Other cities: Bulawayo 794.600 inhabitants; Chitungwiza 390.600; Mutare 168.100 (2000).

Government: Presidencialist

Religion: traditional African cults (55%); Christians (45%), mostly Anglicans.

    Geography: Zimbabwe country is a high, undulated plateau. The most important area– or High Veld–, a combination of fertile soils, favourable rainfalls and new posibilities of mining, concentrates most of the urban population. The weather is tropical, regulated by the altitude.



Population: 38.549.710 inhabitants

Superficie terrestre: 580.370 Km2

Coin: Kenyan shilling

PIB: 1.240 $ per capita

Language: English and Suahili

Name official: Jamhuri ya Kenya

Capital: Nairobi 2.575.000 inhabitants (2003).

Otras cities: Mombasa 685.000 inhabitants; Nakuru 319.200; Kisumu 266.300; Machakos 173.700(2000).
Government: Presidencialist
Religión: Christians 73%; traditional religions 20%; Muslims

   Geography. Kenya country is located in the central-East coast of Africa. The country lacks of ethnic and geographic uniformity. Four regions can be distinguished from East to West: a coastal plain, with regular rainfall and tropical jungles; an interior area, sparcely populated, with little rainfall in the North and North-East; a mountainous area at the East side of the Great Rift Valley, with a climate ruled by high-altitude zones and volcanic soil suitable for farming, where most of the population and economic activities are concentrated; and, finally, the West area is filled by an arid plateau, although part of it benefits from the proximity of Lake Victoria.



Population: 85.219.109 inhabitants
Area: 1.104.300 Km2
Coin: Ehiopian birr
PIB: 1.055 $ per capita
Language: Amharic
Name official: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Capital: Addis-Abeba 2.723.000 inhabitants (2003).
Otras cities: Dire Dawa 202.700 inhabitants; Harar 93.900 (2000).
Government: Federal republic
Religión: The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the most popular between Amhara and Tigray.

   Geography. Ethiopia is a mountainous country, without coasts, with an altitude higher than 4.000 m. It is isolated of neighbour regions due to its topography. There are three vegetation areas, disposed in terms of altitude, in the plateaus and mountains: the high plateau, which are higher than 2.500 metres, is rainy and cold. The Dega is where cereals are cultivated and cattle is herd. In the deep valleys which crossed the plateau warm rainy regions and jungles are founded: it is called the Kolla (over 1.500 m). The medium plateaus (1.500-2.500 m), with a less rainy, warm weather, are the most populated areas. There, coffee and cotton are cultivated. At East, the desertic plateau of Ogaden has a population of Somali nomad sheperds.


   1. Answer with the right country: Zimbabwe, Kenya or Ethiopia

It has mining industry

The Great Rift Valley is here

There are nomad sheperds

The capital is Nairobi

The largest country

The most populated

The highest PIB

The capital is Addis-Abeba

It has the High Veld

Lake Victoria is placed here

The capital is Harare

    2. Otros países de África Oriental:

Country Population Area, km2 Capital Coin Language
Burundi 8.856.221 27.830 Bujumbura Frando B. Rundi and French
Eritrea 5.005.678 117.600 Asmara Nafka Tigrinya
Madagascar 20.215.200 587.040 Antananarivo Malgache franc Malgache and French
Malawi 14.288.374 118.480 Lilongwe Kwacha Chewa and English
Mauritius 1.271.538 2.040 Port Luis M. rupee French and English
Mozambique 21.812.551 801.590 Maputo Meical Portuguese
Reunion 816.832 2.510 Saint-Denis Euro French
Rwanda 10.008.622 26.340 Kigali R. franc French and English
Somalia 8.956.006 637.660 Mogadiscio S. shilling Somali and Arabic
Tanzania 41.463.923 945.090 Dodoma T. shilling Suahili and English
Uganda 31.902.609 241.040 Kampala U. shilling Swahili e inglés
Zambia 12.154.058 752.610 Lusaka Kwacha English

   3. Write the capital of the following countries:




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