Western Africa


Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)




Population: 19.624.236 inhabitants

Area: 460 Km2

Coin: Franc CFA

PIB:1.648 $ per capita

Language: French

Name official: République de Côte d'Ivoire.

Capital: Yamoussoukro 416.000 inhabitants (2003)

Other cities: Abidjan 3.337.000 inhabitants; Bouaké 741.100 inhabitants; Daloa 184.300; Korhogo 164.400 (2000).

Government: Parliamentary republic.

Religion: difficult to define, because they are mainly syncretistic practiques and non-Ivorian religions. It is divided into traditional cults, Islam and Christianism.

  In 1983 it was decided that the capital will be Yamoussoukro instead Abidjam. It is placed in the Guinea Gulf, and it was divided into two great natural areas. The South is rainier, and conform a dense tropical jungle. Here, foreign capitals installed large plantations of export products: coffee, cocoa and bananas. In the North there is a granite plateau covered by a savannah where small landowners cultivate shorgum, corn and peanuts.




Population: 151.478.125 inhabitants
Area: 923.770 Km2
Coin: Naira
PIB: 1.128 $ per capita
Language: English
Official name: Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Capital: Abuja 403.000 inhabitants (1999).
Other cities: Lagos 8.733.100; Ibadan 3.587.100; Kano 3.424.100; Ogbomosho 963.300 (2000).
Government: Presidencialist
Religion: the North is mostly Muslim, while the South-East is Christian.

   Geography. The river Niger and its tributary the Bernue have a great importance in the country. The Norther areas, drier because the influence of the harmattan (a dry wind from the Sahara desert) covered a zone of plateau and savannah. Here, cotton and peanuts are grown for its exportation. The central plains, covered by savannah, are sparsely populated. The South area, of rainy lowlands, have dense jungles and concentrates a large part of the population, the largest in Africa. Cocoa and oil palms are cultivated here. The huge Niger Delta divides the coast in two different areas. Oil production and Christianized Ibo population are concentrated at East, near Port Harcourt. The region wanted to be independent with the name Biafra. Industrial activity and Yorba population, partially under the influence of Islam, is found at West, around Lagos and Ibadan.



Population: 23.946.817 inhabitants

Area: 238.540 Km2

Coin: Ganahian cedi

PIB: 2.480 $ per capita

Language: English

Official name: Republic of Ghana.

Capital: Accra 1.847.000 inhabitants (2003).

Other cities: Kumasi 906.400 inhabitants; Tamale 259.200; Sekondi-Takoradi 164.400 (2000).

Government: Presidencialist

Religion: Christians 50%, traditional cults 32%, Muslims 13%.

   Geography. The South of Ghana is covered by a dense tropical jungle, partially devastated to allow space for coffee, cocoa, banana and oil palm crops. The savannah is in the North. The rest of the country is a plateau, with some elevations in the frontier with Togo The most important river is the Volta, with its artificial lake formed by the dam of Akossombo. It has a tropical climate, with Summer rains. The underground is rich in gold, diamonds, manganese and bauxite.


   1. Answer with the correct country: Ivory Coast, Nigeria or Ghana.

The capital is Yamoussoukro

It has the Akosombo dam

The largest country

The most populated country

The capital is Accra

Coffee and cocoa crops

The highest PIB

With industrial activity

Its capital is Abuja

Gold and diamond mines

It changed its capital in 1983

    2. Other West African countries:

Country Population Area, km2 Capital Coin Language
Benin 9.309.370 112.620 Porto Novo CFA franc French
Burkina Faso 15.213.314 274.000 Uagadugu CFA franc French
Gambia 1.754.068 11.300 Banjul Dalasi G. English
Guinea 9.572.039 245.860 Conakry G. French
Guinea Bissau 1.745.838 36.120 Bissau D.B. peso Portuguese
Liberia 3.942.212 111.370 Monrovia Dollar L. English
Mali 12.716.081 1.240.190 Bamako CFA franc French
Mauritania 3.203.648 1.025.520 Nouakchott Ouguiya Arabic and French
Níger 14.730.798 1.267.000 Niamey CFA franc French
Senegal 12.687.621 196.720 Dakar CFA franc French
Sierra Leone 5.968.523 71.740 Freetown Leone English
Togo 6.762.421 56.790 Lomé CFA franc French

   3. Write the capital of the following countries:

Ivory Coast



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