West Asia



Population: 72.211.696 inhabitants
Area: 1.648.200 Km2
Coin: Iranian rial
PIB: 7.968 $ per capita
Language: Persian
Name official: Dshumhurije Islâmije Irân. Capital: Teheran 7.190.000 inhabitants (2003).
Other cities: Mashhad 2.020.400 inhabitants; Isfahan 2.535.000; Tabriz 1.207.600 (2000). Government: Presidencialist republic
Religion: Shi'ite Muslims 89%; Sunnis Muslims 10%; Bahai, Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews 1%.

Geography. This large country– million and a half of square kilometres– has a steppe plateau with a harsh climate, surrounded by a mountain range (Zagros in the West frontier, Elburz in the North) and deserts. In the oasis, watered by groundwaters, cereal and fruit are cultivated. The shores of the Caspian Sea are appropiate for tropical and subtropical crops (cotton, suagar cane and rice). Modern industry (petrochemical, textile, building) have been developed, but craftmanship of carpets and other textile is still important.



Population: 161.317.626 inhabitants
Area: 144.000 Km2
Coin:Bangladesh Taka
PIB: 2.053 $ per capita
Language: Bengali
Official name: Gana Projatantri Bangladesh.
Capital: Dhaka 11.560.000 inhabitants (2003).
Other cities: Chittagong 2.500.900 inhabitants; Khulna 1.168.800; Rajshahi 687.300 (2000).
Government: Parliamentary republic
Religión: Mostly Islamic (83%), Hindu (16%) and a Buddhist, Christian and Animist minority.

  Geography: The country is in the river Padma delta– formed when the Meghna joined the Ganges and the Brahmaputra–. Bangladesh is a plain of alluvial soils, where rice, tea and jute are cultivated. There are wide extensions of jungles and swamps. It has a tropical moonson climate, with frequent rains in Summer (June to September), commonly followed by hurricanes and floods with catastrophic effects. There are regions and seasons of serious droughts and occasional hurricanes. The rising sea levels are a threat.






Population: inhabitants
Area: 3.287.260 Km2 Coin: Indian rupee PIB: 3.453 $ per capita
Language: Hindi
Name official: Bharat.
Capital: New Delhi 14.146.000 inhabitants (2003).
Otras cities: Bombay 18.100.000 inhabitants; Kolkatta (Calcutta) 12.900.000; Chennai (formerly Madras) 7,6 millions; Hyderabad 6.300.000; Bangalore 6.200.000 (2000).
Government:Federal Republic
Religion: 83% Hindus; 11% Muslims; Sikhs 2,5%; Christians 2%; Buddhists 1% and others 0,5.
Geography. In this country we can separate three regions: the Himalayas, which extended itself in the North frontier; the Ganges Northern plain, fertile and densely populated and the plateau of Dekan, in the center. The mountain ranges of Himalayas prevents the cold North winds of crossing it. Climate is determined by moonsons: it is warm and dry during eight months a year, and in Summer it rains abundantly. The main crop is rice. Coal and iron are the main minig resources. In the region of Kashmir, at the Northeast, are important areas of petroleum reserves, constantly disputed with Pakistan

   1. Write the right country: Iran, Bangladesh or India.

They make carpets

Its capital is New Delhi

Tea and jute are grown

The largest country

The most populated

The one with the highest PIB

It has petrochemical and textile industry

There are hurricanes and floods

Is in conflict with Pakistan

The capital is Teheran

The main crop is rice

The capital is Dhaka

    2. Other countries of West Asia:

Country Population Area, km2 Capital Coin Language
Afghanistan 28.225.646 652.090 Kabul Afgani Pashtu, dari
Armenia 2.995.890 29.800 Yerevan Gram Armenian
Bhutan 666.918 47.000 Thimbu Ngultrum Dzongkha
Nepal 28.757.414 147.180 Katmandu Nepalese rupee Nepalese
Sri Lanka 19.393.638 65.610 Colombo S. rupee Sinhalese

   3. Señala las capitales de estos países:




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