12. Passion and Death of Jesus
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  1. Passion and Death of Jesus

    After the Last Supper, Jesus went to the Mount of the Olives to pray. And He said: 'My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what you want.'(Mt 26,39). But then a group of men armed with swords and clubs arrived and arrested him.

  The Jews interrogated and unfairly accused him. Roman soldiers punished him with cruel whips and a crow of thorns, hitting him and spitting in his face. Poncius Pilatus understood that He was innocent and wanted to released him, but people shouted: 'Crucify him!', and he betrayed him, being a coward.

   Jesus charge with the cross until the mount Calvary, and there He was crucified between two thieves. At the cross' foot were his mother Mary, the apostle John and other women. At noon, the skies got dark and Jesus, shouting, said: 'Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.'(Lc 23,46) Having said this, he breathed his last. When the centurion saw what had taken place, he praised God and said, ‘Certainly this man was innocent.’(Mt 27,54)

  A. Answer with a word:

 Jesus went to pray to the Mount of  
 His trial was
 The Roman soldiers punished him with
 They put in his head a crow made of  
 They also spit in his  
 Pontius Pilatus understood that Jesus was  
 Jesus carried the cross until the mount  
 The centurion said: 'He is truly the Son of  

  2. The Redemption

    After the Original sin of Adam and Eve, man needed to be reedemed. God sent his own Son as a man like us, to suffer in order to save us from sin. Only Jesus is Saviour, the Reedemer of man.

   Jesus endured a lot for obbey God Father and for his love to men. Being him the Son of God He could save us no matter what He did, because everything He did had an infinite value. He chose to suffer to show us how much He love us and what a terrible thing sin was.

   Jesus said: "Whoever does not carry the cross and follow me cannot be my disciple." (Lc 14, 27). Jesus carried the cross to teach us how to love sacrifice. We can offer our own suffering to Jesus for the sinners and for things which are difficult or hard.

  B. Answer with a word:

 After Adam and Eve man needed to be 

 God sent his own
 Jesus, suffering, pay the … sin
 Only Jesus was the
 Everything Jesus did has … value
 Jesus, by his suffering, wanted to show us his
 He wanted to advice us about the evil of
 We must love His

  3. Questions from the catechism

1. From what Jesus reedemed us?  Jesus reedemed us from our sins, releasing us from eternal damnation

2. How Jesus Christ reedemed us?  Jesus Christ reedemed us by means of his sacrifice in the cross.

3. Why Jesus Christ suffered so much?  Jesus Christ suffered so much to show us his love and the malice of sin.

4. For whom Jesus suffered?  Jesus Christ suffered and died for all of us.

  C. Write the right letter. Choose from the answers from below: A, B, C or D


 1. From what reedemed us Jesus?  
 2. How Jesus Christ reedemed us?  
 3. Why Jesus Chirst suffered so much?  
 4. For whom suffered Christ?  



 To manifest his love and show us the malice of sin.


 From our sins, releasing us from eternal damnation.


 For all the men.


 Sacrificing his life on the cross.

  Intentions for a christian life

- When seeing a cross, we will thank to Jesus that He die to save us.

- Read and thon about the Stations of the Cross. You can find it in the Oraciones

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