29. The Penance

  1. The sacrament of Penance

    The Penance is the sacrament instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive the sins comitted after Baptism.

   This sacrament is absolutely necessary for those who have commited a mortal sin after Baptism. If it is not possible to confess because we don't find a priest, the desire of confession and the pain caused by our offenses to God, our Father (sign of contriction) also forgives sins.

   - The remote matter consists in the sins which must be forgiven. The proximate matter are the three acts of the penitent: contrition, confesion and satisfaction.

   - The shape is the words pronounced by the priest during the absolution: “I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. These words, along with the three acts of the penitent, are the sensible signs of the sacrament of Penance.

   - The minister of Penance is every priest with the corresponding consent of the bishop about the people he could absolve or the places he could confess.

   - The subject of Penance is every person who commit a sin after Baptism.

  A. Answer with a word:

 The Penance is the sacrament of forgiving

 In case of necessity it can be made a … contriction

 The sins which must be forgiven are the

 The contrition, confession and satisfation are the

 The words: “I absolve you...” are the

 A priest with authorization is the

 Those who have commited a mortal sin are the

  2. Effects of Penance

    - It erases mortal and venial sins commited after Baptism or our last confession.

   - It returns sanctifying grace, with the right of glory and all the achievements of good works. If it is received in grace, it delivers an increase in grace.

   - It gives us sacramental grace, and strenghten us against our falls and to persevere in the right way.

   - It forgives the eternal punishment and a part of the temporal punishment, according to the dispositions of who receives it.

   - It gives peace to our consciousness, and sometimes a great relief.

  B. Answer with a word

 It erases all the mortal and venial

 It returns … grace

 To strenghten us He gives grace

 It forgives eternal punishment and a part of the … punishment

 It gives … to our conscience

  3. Questions from the catechism

1. What is Penance?  Penance is the sacrament which forgives the sins comitted after Baptism.

2. When we received the sacrament of Penance?  We received the sacrament of Penance when we confess well and received absolution.

  C. Choose the right answers. Options are below. 



 1. What is penance?

 2. When is received the sacrament of Penance?



 When we confess well and received absolution.


 The sacrament which forgives the sins comitted after Baptism.

  Intentions for a Christian life

  - To thank God for giving us the sacrament of Penance

   - To make the proposal of do it frequently and well prepared.

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