37. A Christian vocation
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   When studying the Commandments, the Catechism of the Catholic Church refers to the study of Christian doctrine with an evocative title: “Life in Christ”. This is the explanation of the Symbol of faith (first part), where reasons of God's gifts to man during the creation are given. There are also reasons for redemption, another gift from God to men. The development of the teaching about the sacraments (second part) illustrates how grace is given at the celebration of the mystery of Christ; we are part of the divine nature and sons of God thanks to the baptism. With the baptism we start a new life, the life in Christ. But a life in Christ needs the fullfilment of the commandments (third part), which means to be coherent with our faith and vocation, as St. Leo the Great wrote:

    ""Christian, recognize your dignity and, now that you share in God's own nature, do not return to your former base condition by sinning. Remember who is your head and of whose body you are a member. Never forget that you have been rescued from the power of darkness and brought into the light of the Kingdom of God."(Sermón 21).

  A. Answer with one of the following words: human, divine, commandments or sacraments.

 Grace make us part of …. life  
 A life in Christ needs the fullfilment of the

  Main ideas

1. Christ reveals who are the man

   As is said by the Second Vatican Council, “Christ, the final Adam, by the revelation of the mystery of the Father and His love, fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear.”(Gaudium et spes, 22). Christ, the Son of God made man- a perfect man-, sent by God Father to save us and give us example, is like a mirror to the man to know who we are and what is our vocation.

2. Meaning of life and vocation of men

   Man has been created by God, and he is the only creature on Earth loved by God as Himself. Fitted with an spiritual soul- with understanding and will-, a human being is ordained to God since its conception, and destined to the eternal blessedness or heaven. Man obtains his perfection in the search and love of truth and good. As a result, we have been created by God, and the meaning of life is to walk with Him and live with Him eternally. This is the human vocation.

3. To live acording to our vocation

   The man must live acording to the vocation he has been called by God; he must follow the moral law God has put inside each one of us, the one which whispers:”Do the good and avoid the evil.” Everyone must follow their conscience, because it is an universal and immutable law. A Christian know the way to achieve the eternal blessedness: to keep the commandments.

4. Man's freedom

   The man is free, and, being our freedom weak, it can- or can't- obey God's orders. He has freedom given by God to be truly free, without coercion of any type, because He wants us decided for the best option. Freedom is a human act, and so man is responsible of his actions. Sometimes, the responsability of an action is diminished or cancelled by ignorance, violence, fear or other psychic and social factors.

    Due to the original sin, man keeps the desire of good deeds, but human nature is prone to mistake and is inclined towards evil in the exercise of its freedom. For that, we must educate it, to transform it in the reason why “Christ set us free” (Gálatas 5,1).

  B. Choose one of these words: situation, vocation, bliss, luck, sacraments, commandments, failure, evil, freedom.

 Christ discover to the Christians the greatness of their

 Man is called to achieve the eternal
 To attain Heaven we must fullfil the
 Conscience pushes us to good deeds and to avoid
 God gave man

    With his death in the cross, Christ has freed us from the demon and sin, gaining for everybody a ew life in the Holy Spirit. With his grace, He fixed what sin had broken. This path, traced by Christ, must be followed by those who want to follow, join and identify with Him. There is not other way. On that union with Christ, we achieve perfection of charity, the sanctity each man is called to obtain, as the Second Vatican Council teaches: “All are cared to the fullness of Christian life and the perfection of charity”A life in Christ achieves its fullness in the glory of Heaven.

6. Man's vocation to happiness

   In addition to our sanctity, God want us to be happy, although we- in our pilgrimage- must carry a cross, an inseparatable part of our Christian life. Happinness in our world is always transitory. This paradox is well reflected in the Beatitudes, where Jesus teaches us about the real goods. We are heirs of the Kingdom of God, and our real and full happiness will take place in the vision of God, when we will rest with him.

    The eternal life is a free gift from God, supernatural as the grace which directs to it.

7. Christ, beginning and goal of every life

   Christ, who is the Lord of the universe and of history, is for man “the way, the truth and the life” (Juan 14,6). Being God, He is the creator of the universe, supported by his mighty Word; as man, He acts as Reedemer of the world, the only one, because there is not another one to save us. For this reason, Christ is our dignity, our life and our path, the one who must be followed and loved. As the motto says:”If you know Christ, you know everything; if you ignore Him, you don't know nothing.”

    People of our time have an special necessity to of searching and finding Christ, because their hopes are frecuently broken and only Christ could free them from despair. Christ is the hope for men, because He is “the love who loves, the way to be walked, the light to be lighted, the life to be lived, the love worthy of be loved”. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

    Those who find Christ experience the miracle of be transformed with a passionate ideal, with new yearning to live, as St. Paul confessed: “I am alive; yet it is not longer I, but Christ living in me”. (Galatians, 2,20).

Curso de Catequesis. Don Jaime Pujol Balcells and Don Jesús Sancho Bielsa. EUNSA. Navarra. 1982. With permission from the authors.

  C. Answer with one of these words: friendship, charity, sanctity, heaven, purgatory, happy, triumphant, luck, life, sports, Christ.

 The union with Christ is achieved by

 Todos los hombres están llamados a la
 We achieve full perfection in
 In addition to our sanctity, God wants us to be
 Christ is the way, the truth and the
 A Christian must search, follow and love

  Questions from the catechism

1. Which is man's supreme vocation?  Man's supreme vocation is to live according God's will in this world to achieve later the eternal bliss or heaven; he is called to sanctity.

2. Which is the way to the eternal bliss?  The way to the eternal bliss is the fulfilling of the commandments.

3. Which is the rule that regulates human behaviour?  The rule that regulates human behaviour is the moral law, which God put on our conscience and encourages us to do good and avoid evil.

4. What means “to live in Christ”?  To live in Christ means to think, speak and act according to Christ teachings, and follow his example.

5. How can we get over bad feelings?  Bad feelings could be overtaken by the grace of God and personal effort, avoiding the occasions of sin and knowing that God is aware of our forces.

  D. Choose the correct opttion. Answers could be A, B, C, D, E


  Which is man's supreme vocation?  
 Which is the way to the eternal bliss?  
 Which is the rule that regulates human behaviour?  
  What means “to live in Christ”?  
  How can we get over bad feelings?  



 The moral law, which God put on our conscience and encourages us to do good and avoid evil.


 The fulfilling of the commandments.


 By the grace of God and personal effort, avoiding the occasions of sin and knowing that God is aware of our forces.


 To think, speak and act according to Christ teachings, and follow his example.


 To live according God's will in this world to achieve later the eternal bliss or heaven; he is called to sanctity.

  Intentions for a Christian life

- Meditate about St Leo the Great words: “Recognize, Christian, your dignity...”, trying to learn lessons for our own life.

- To study this topic with aim, not only of knowing what means to live in Christ, but also to live it in person.

- Against complete ignorance, be determined to search for Christ, to better know and love him.

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