22. I believe in the resurrection of the body
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    The Symbol of Christian faith ends up proclaiming the “Resurrection of the body” at the end of time, and “eternal life” A Christian believes strongly –and waits- that just as Christ truly rose from the dead and lives forever, therefore, the righteous –after their death- will live with risen Christ forever; and He will resurrect the last day.

    Believing in the resurrection of the body has been an important element of the Christian faith from the beginnings.     Tertuliano already wrote in the Century III: “The resurrection of the dead is the hope of the Christians, we are Christians to believe in it”. And Saint Paul demands to the Christians of Corinth: “¿How are some among you saying that there is. no resurrection of the dead? If there isn’t resurrection of the dead, nor Christ rose. And if Christ is not risen, then it is our preaching vain, and our faith is also vain… ¡But not! Christ rose from the dead as firstfruits of those who died.(1 Corinthians 15, 12-14.20).

  A. Answer with one of these words: body, life, die, rise, will resurrect or will die.

 We believe in the resurrection of the  
 After the death, our body will come back to
 As Christ rose so the righteous  

  Main ideas

1. All men is destined to die

    Every man knows that one day will die, and the experience of the death, that everyone reaches, is completely true and safe. Daily, a lot of people die who are very often close to us: relatives, friends, acquaintances; rich and poor people, famous or unknown people, aged, young and children too. And we should take into account that we only live and die once; it’s a fantasy –and a mistake- to think of the reincarnation after the death. The death is the separation between soul and body; the end of earthly life. A few hours after dying, the body begins to corrupt itself.

2. The death, consequence of sin

    Based on the statements of the Holy Scriptures, the church teaches the Death entered the world because of the sin. The man is mortal by nature, but God had corrected this failure of the human constitution with a privilege which saves him from the death, if he is faithful to his Creator. Therefore, the death was opposite to God’s designs and entered the world as consequence of sin of our first parents, Adam and Eve.

3. Death was transformed by Christ

    Thanks to God, the Christian death has a positive sense. Jesus,  the son of God, suffered the death too, a fact of human beings, but he took it with total submission and obedience to Father’s will. The obedience from Jesus turned the curse of death into blessing. Christ overcomes the death by his death, thus, every man has the possibility of salvation. The Christian vision of the death expresses it in the liturgy of the Catholic Church in a privileged way when it says:

    "The life of whom believe in you, God, doesn’t end, it transforms it ; and disappearing our earthly sojourn, we acquire the eternal dwelling of Heaven. (Preface of the deceased)

 B. There are 6 true statements and 2 wrong statements. Tick the right statements.


 Every man is destined to die

   Reincarnation happens after the death
   The death is the separation between soul and body
   After dying, the body is not corrupted
   Death entered the world as a consequence of sin
   Death is the consequence of sin’s Adam and Eve
   Christ overcame the death by his death
   Who believes in God, life doesn’t end, it transforms it

4. After the death

    Soul and body are separated in the moment of death –soul doesn’t die because it is immortal-   and it shall appear before God to be judged immediately. According to God’s judgement, soul ascends to heaven to enjoy God eternally- it goes to the purgatory if it needs to be purified-, to the hell, if the man dies in mortal sin without God's Grace. God is not only merciful, but also righteous; for that reason he rewards good people and punishes the bad ones according to the deeds that man has done during his life on earth. After death can neither merit nor rectify the final destination.

    This judgement which happens at the moment of death is the particular judgement. The judge will be Jesus.

5. The dead will resurrect at the end of time

    As we have said, the Christian firmly believe that Christ rose and he will resurrect at the end of the world too, when our body has been transformed, it will resurrect to join with the soul and lives eternity. Every man will resurrect, but not all men will have the same destiny: good people will resurrect to the eternal Glory and the bad ones will go to condemnation eternal.

6. Be ready for the moment of death in a good way

    The Lord -in Gospel- doesn’t mention about the great truths of life and death in order to be prepared when he will ask us to give an account at the judgement’s time. Since the death comes like a thief –without saying- we must be prepared ¿How?

    - Begging forgiveness to Lord frequently. When we realize that we have acted wrongly, we must make an act of contrition at least with an ejaculatory prayer which springs from the repentant heart.

    - Each of you will examine her conscience every day. The examination of conscience is like a judgment that we make ourselves to see if we do the God’s will. Remembering briefly what we have done during the day. When we realize that we have done well things, we thank to God. When we realize that we have done bad things, we beg forgiveness with real love and make a strong purpose to rectify the next day. This examination helps us to be always prepared for our meeting with Jesus and to improve our Christian life.

    - To go to confession very often. We beg forgiveness in the sacrament and Lord forgives our sins. A good confession is the best way to be prepared for the God judgement. If we die after making a good confession and having the God’s Grace, the judgement will be the joy of Heavenly Father to be rewarded and the happiness to reach the Heaven with his mercy.

Course of catechesis. Don Jaime Pujol Balcells y Don Jesus Sancho Bieksa. EUNSA. Navarra. 1982. Authorized by the authors.

  C. There are 6 true statements and 3 wrong statements. Tick the true statements.

   At the moment of death, the soul dies
   The soul doesn’t die because it is immortal
   The particular judgement happens after death
   The man who is in mortal sin and without God’s grace goes to the purgatory
   If the soul needs to be purify, it goes to the purgatory
   Only the bodies which ascend to heaven will resurrect
   It is frequently convenient to beg forgiveness to Lord for our sins
   It is helpful to examine the conscience every day
   It is convenient to go to confession very often

  Questions from the catechisms

1. What does mean “Resurrection of death”?  "Resurrection of death means that at the end of the world, each soul will come back to join with the body in order not to die.

2. ¿What is the particular judgement?  The particular judgement is which God makes to each soul of every man immediately after the death, to give a reward or punishment according to their deeds

  D.Tick the right answers. The possible answers are below.



 What does mean “Resurrection of death”?  
 What is the particular judgement?  

 A  What God makes to the soul of every man immediately after death in order to give a reward or a punishment according to their deeds.
 B  At the end of the world, every soul will come back to join to the body in order not to die.

  Purposes of the Christian life

- Before going to the bed to examine the conscience. Remembering briefly what we have done during the day and what we have done badly during the day. Making both an act of contrition and a strong purpose to rectify the next day(see the act of contrition)

- Pensar que Dios nos va a juzgar al final de la vida y que, aunque es Padre misericordioso, es también justo.

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