8. God created the man free and responsible
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    We have seen already how God, after having created all things, He created man: Adam and Eve, from whom we all descend.

    God created all men. With the collaboration of parents, He forms the body, and directly, out of nothing, He creates the soul that infuses the body. The soul is what gives life to the body. This all means that God created each of us. He thought about every man, loved us, and as the fruit of that love, He created us. Moreover, as the Holy Scripture says, God created us "in his image and likeness" (Genesis 1:26).

    What is man? Why has God created us? How should we behave? These and other questions make us men. This text aims to help answer these questions.

  A. Answer with one of these options: monkey, horse, man, Eve, Cain, Abel, mind, body, soul, luck, love, hate, contempt.

After having created all things, God created  
We are all descents of Adam and  
The cooperation of parents helped create the  
For every man, God creates his  
God thought of every man and felt  

  Main Ideas

1. God created man with body and soul

    The book of Genesis tells us that God formed man's body out of the "clay of the earth", and He breathed unto his face the "breath of life". With these simple words, God tells us that He formed man out of matter that already existed, and then directly out of nothing, He created the soul and joined it with the body. After Adam and Eve, men received the body of our parents, but the soul was derived directly from God.

2. In the "image and likeness" of God

    An artist's work is a reflection of his art. Although sometimes an art piece does not bear the signature of the artist, you can find out who he is because his personality is reflected there. Man is God's image. Here are some aspects that show the image of God in man:

    a) The dignity of the human person. Since he was made in the image of God, the human being possesses the dignity of being a person; he is not just something, but someone. Man is the only creature on earth that God has loved. He alone is called to participate, through knowledge and love, in God's life. For this purpose he has been created and this is the fundamental reason for his dignity.

    b) Man is an intelligent being. Animals do not think, but man can think and express his thoughts through words. He knows how to calculate, count, measure, etc.; he manufactures engines, and discovers electricity. He is distinguished from other beings by his reason and intelligence, which is a reflection of God's intelligence. The animals praise God without knowing it, while man knows what he does.

    c) Man is a free being. Animals are governed by instincts and cannot do otherwise and plants are governed by laws to which they blindly obey. Man can choose to do something or do something else if he wants to. He can do good or evil, he can obey or disobey the laws that the Lord has given him. God has given him the power to choose freely. He wants men to be free.

    d) Man is king and ruler of the universe. God gave the world to man to subject and transform it. Man can tame wild animals, divert rivers, explode rocks, cut trees, etc. God wanted it that way. Since God is the Lord and Master of everything, because everything was created and is owned by Him, He put man in charge of the earth. Under this aspect, man is like God, who gave him the power to dominate over animals, plants...the whole universe.

    e) Man is the image of God, above all, by grace. Although another text explains what grace is, it is important to realize that out of all the benefits that God has given to man, the one that resembles Him the most is grace, which man receives at the time of baptism. Grace is part of divine nature, and raises the dignity of God's children.

  B. Answer with one of these options: moon, galaxy, earth, confidence, life, joy, soul, body, airplane, dignified, intelligent, free, lord, grace.

God formed man's body with the mud of the  
He breathed unto his face the breath of  
God created it from scratch  
Man can choose and that is why he is  
Because man is a person he is  
Man can think and express himself because he is  
Man can participate in the life of God because he is  
Man praises God, knowing what he does because it is  
Man is not governed by his instinct because he is  
God gave the earth to man to subject it, which is why he is  
Man receives it in his baptism  
Man can tame animals because he is  
Man can do good or evil because he is  
Thanks to her we are the children of God  

3. Equality and differences wanted by God

    God created men and women in full equality as human beings, however, with morphological differences and psychological peculiarities. "Being a man" or "being a woman" is actually a good thing and was wanted by God. Therefore, men and women are "the image of God" with the same dignity.

4. Man is responsible for his actions

    a) Matter lacks responsibility. After an earthquake we cannot ask the earth why it has done that; plus it cannot answer, having no intelligence or freedom it cannot do anything (the earthquake was the result of physical laws). It is neither responsible for things such as the birth of a beautiful flower, the sunset or the sound of the nightingale.

    b) Animals are not responsible either. If a horse kills its owner with a kick while he went to heal a wound, the horse is not responsible for what happened since it does not know what it is doing; it acts out of instinct. Nor is it responsible for the good things brought upon the owner, such as work, a ride or victory at the racetrack.

    c) Only man is responsible for what he does. As we arrive home we think about what we did that day and say, we have studied, worked, played or walked. We are responsible for what we do because we could have chosen not to study, or work...

    If we did what we had to do, we deserve a reward; if not, we deserve a punishment. The earth, plants or the horse do not deserve either a reward or punishment for what they do.

5. Always obey God's will

    We deserve a reward or punishment according to what we have to do or not; and we must always try to obey God’s will. The commandments of the law of God, the Holy Mother Church, the obligations of our age and status show us what we must do with regards to God, others and ourselves. There are times when it may be confusing to know what God wants from each one of us in particular. In these cases, the Lord helps us through people who have God's grace that guide us. These people could be parents, teachers or the priest with whom we regularly confess. He particularly can help us to see God's will, because he knows us. If we become used to making the examination of conscience - brief, but serious - at the end of the day, we will realize whether or not we obey the will of God.

Catechesis Course. Don Jaime Pujol Balcells and Don Jesús Sancho Bielsa. EUNSA. Navarra. 1982. With the permission of the authors.

  C. Choose one of the Christian doctrines: morphology, dignity, psychology, God, Virgin, Saint Joseph, true or false.

Men and women have the same

Both are images of
Matter lacks responsibility
The earthquake is responsible for its disasters
Animals are not responsible

The horse that kills its owner is responsible

Man is responsible for what he does
Man could deserve a reward or punishment
The commandments tell us what to do
We are always sure about what God wants
Teachers and priests can help us
The examination of conscience is not necessary

  Catechisms Questions

1. What is man?  Man is a person, gifted at the same time with a body and a soul. God created him in his image and likeness.

2. From whom do we receive the soul?  We receive the soul from God, who created it from nothing and joined it with the body.

3. How is our soul?  Our spiritual and immortal soul is endowed with intellect and will.

4. From whom do we receive the body?  We receive the body from God, through our parents.

5. Why did God create man?  God created man because he loved him with His infinite love; Man is the only creature in the visible universe that God loved.

6. For what did God create man?  God created man to love and obey Him and to live happily on earth and then in heaven.

7. Why does God care especially for man?  God cares especially for man because He made us his children.

  D. Press the button to choose the correct answer. Below are the possible answers:

 What is man?
 From whom do we receive the soul?
 How is our soul?
 From whom do we receive the body?
 Why did God create man?
 For what did God create man?
 Why does God care about man especially?



 God, by our parents.


 God, who created it from nothing and joined it with the body.


 Because he made us his children.


 Because he loved us with his infinite love. Man is the only creature in the visible universe that God loved.


 Is gifted at the same time with a body and a soul. God created him in his image and likeness.


 To love and obey Him, and be happy with Him on earth and then in heaven.


 Spiritual and immortal, endowed with intellect and will.

  Purposes of Christian Life

- Try to be thankful to God, who created us and cares for us with love. Especially during the Holy Mass, which is an infinite act of thanksgiving.

- Be very sincere during confession and the examination at night.

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