Religion for adults

1. The end of man: glory, know and love God  

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2. God goes to meet: the revelation  

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3. The response of man to God: faith  

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4. I believe in god, the father almighty  

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5. The mystery of the Holy Trinity 

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6. God created the world for love 

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7. God created angels  

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8. God created the man free and responsible 

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9. The first parents were very happy in the Garden of Eden

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10. I believe in Jesus Christ, his Son, our Lord

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11. Jesus Christ born from Holy Virgin Mary

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12. Jesus’ hidden life  

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13. Jesus' public life 

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14. The passion and death of Jesus

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15. The Resurrection and Ascension

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16. Jesus Christ will return to judge the living and the dead  

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17. I believe in the Holy Spirit

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18. Jesus Christ founded the Church

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19. Who belongs to the Church?

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20. The Communion of Saints

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21. I believe in the forgiveness of sins

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22. I believe in the resurrection of the body

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23. I believe in eternal life 

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24. What do Christians celebrate when they met?

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25. The Seven Sacraments of the Church

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26. Baptism makes us children of God

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27. In the confirmation you receive the Holy Spirit

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28. The Eucharist, mystery of faith and love

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29. The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist

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30. The reception Jesus Christ in the Holy Communion

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31. The Liturgical celebration: the Holy Mass 

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32. Through confession, Jesus forgives

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33. Our reconciliation with God 

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34. The anointing of the Sick

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35. The Sacrament of holy Orders

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36. The Sacrament of Marriage

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37. A Christian vocation

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38. The morality of the human act

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39. Moral Conscience

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40. Moral and theological virtues

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41. Charity, the supreme virtue

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42. The sin, an offense to God

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43. God gives us the Grace

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44. The ten commandments: a God's gift

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45. 1º C: Love God above all things

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46. 2º C: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

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47. 3ºC: keep holy the Lord’s day

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48. 4ºC: You shall honor your father and your mother

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49. Fifth Commandment: Thou shall not kill

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50. 6º C: You shall not commit adultery

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51. Seventh Commandment: Thou shalt not steal

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52. 8º C: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor

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53. 9º C: You shall not indulge in impure thoughts or desires

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54. The Tenth Commandment: You shall not steal

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55. The Commandments of the Church

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56. God calls us to prayer

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57. Learning how to pray

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58. A life of praying

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59. The prayer of the the Lord: Our Father

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60. Devotion to the Holy Virgin

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